Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog overload ahead...

Sometime here shortly, there will be MANY MANY blog posting but I just haven't found the time yet.  Plus I still need to download the pictures too.  UGH!!  Too many things to do and not enough time. 

But here is what is on my MUST BLOG ABOUT LIST:
moving back to parents house - excited/UGH/scary/happy (PICTURES)

going back to school -  excited/UGH/scary/happy

Republican junk - Moms award/ (PICTURES)

101 Things - some accomplishments/back up and working

Valentine's party - (PICTURES)

Jana's birthday dinner (PICTURES)


Red shoes (PICTURES)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hectic update.

So life has been hectic but slow so here are just a few highlights.

-I am now Canyon County Republican Women Secretary.  That happened on January 22nd (I think)
-Major renovation at which I am very proud of.
-WOOHOO!!  I got a Droid phone!!
-Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I am working 630-1830 so I am beat!!
-Family is very active and healthy
-I cant wait for Monday because I have a day off!!


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