Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Begining and End

And here are the adventure all started. 
Top left.  Hate driving to eastern Idaho because there isn't much to look at.
Top right: You should see a small cloud.  This was the first cloud I had seen all day!
Bottom left:  There is a small row of wind turbines. There are showing up more and more.  A little further I saw an blade on a flat bed trailer.  The blade couldn't fit under the overpass so they had to exit the freeway and then down the on ramp.  I know they were big I didn't know there were THAT big. 
Bottom right: The Twin Falls bridge.

My immoral behaviour.  The slot machines don't use coins anymore. When you win they still make a fake clinking sound but it isn't the same.  There is the an older casino that still had a few machine that accepted coins.  Below you see the biggest winnings I got from the machine..$3 or 12 coins.  The sound was awesome. 
Here you see my winngins from the new machines.  Instead of getting coins, they print off receipts and you take the receipts to an ATM type machine to retrive your cash.  I had one $50 receipt and then a $44.  The rest are 70cents, 5 cents, $1.19, etc. 

On the way home...

Traveling to Trace

I enjoy Trace Atkins.  His music is great and I rooted for him on Celebrity Apprentince.  Months ago, we heard that he would be in Jackpot for a concert.  The original idea was to go with parents and my sisters.  Well life happened and it ended up being me and parents.  Mom and Dad were going to be coming from Idaho Falls.  They had been at the Idaho State Republican Convention for the past week.  I had made arrangments to meet them in Twin Falls and we would all ride to Jackpot together.  We have lunch at Gerties Brickonven Pizza.  They have all you can eat pizza and dessert pizza.  It was good but not as good as I remember.  Oh well.  We head to Jackpot and get settled in the Horshoe Hotel.  I get ready for concert and off we go to the casino.  I play the penny slots while waiting for the concert.  Mom had a book to read so she stood in line.  We had general admission tickets so we could sit anywhere in the blechers.  Where Mom got was pretty good for $40 a ticket.  Mom and Dad got free tickets through the casino.  From what I remember, Trace played "Sometimes You Gotta Kick A Little A$$", Chrome, Honky tonk badonkadonk, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, a couple new songs, Swing, Your Gonna Miss This, Hot Momma.  There were a few others but I can't remember.  He did play Arlington.  I prefer it live than recorded.  Both Mom and I got teary as he sang it.   
So the top left pictures if of Trace walking to the stage to open.
top right is of Trace leaving the encore (love the hair blowing in the breeze).
Middle pic of me and you can see Trace in the shadows in the middle of stage.
Some residents found a great way to see the concert without paying price of ticket.
Mom and Dad enjoying the concert.

Trace, Trace and more Trace.

Saturday is a special day..

Saturday was a good time.  It started with getting some prescription sunglasses.  Because I couldn't decided Caitlyn and Emma were nice enough to come help me out.  Everytime we asked Emma's opinion she would say "I like red".  Cailtyn was a big help so THANK YOU to her.  After a few hours here is the final result:

After the eye Dr., Caitlyn and I made a quick run through the Farmers Market.  We were going to walk through with Lexy and Chris but Marlee didn't sleep well and needed a nap so they took her home.  After the Farmers Market (which TJ was able to come) we went to the park for a little picinic.  It was a relaxing time but warm.  I think it was 90 degrees that day. 

Emma loves her Mommy!!

After the park, I babysat Emma til it was time for the races.  I met up with my friend Kara and her son Riley, Jana and Wyatt to watch the races.  It was a great time.  Riley is a racer of a sprint car (I think that is what it is) and Kara's husband is a race official.  Their family is really dedicated to racing..Audrey (Kara's daughter) also races.  It is a family sport.  Riley was so cute on Saturday.  He was starnding on the blechers practicing his flagging.  We sat with Kara's friend and the husband of the friend races.  While between heats (aka races) he came and sat with us.  He told Kara to tell Riley he needs to be careful because some dirver watch him rather than the actual flagger. I think Riley is only 9 or 10.  Kara said it was possible for Riley to flag when he was 14 years old but she said they are making him wait til he was 16 yrs old.  He was so enthusiatic and animated when he was flagging.  He had his head seat on and everything.  It was so cute to me.  
The races were fun.  Some minor crashes and a wheel popped off.  I really enjoy it.  Poor Kara had to answer all my questions.  I am sure she  was getting annoyed.

Wyatt and I at the races.  He was so lovey that night.
He always wanted to sit on my lap.  I loved it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sleepy Sunday..

Last Saturday was a busy day for poor.  He was running around dog park, with next door neighboor girl, Kaylees birthday, and the hot weahter.  I have been complaining that I haven't been able to sleep in because TJ wakes me up to play.  Well...thankfully TJ SLEPT IN!!  He still woke me up because he came up and snuggle up close but that is ok.  I could fall back asleep like that ...and I did.  TJ not a big cuddler anymore. The novelty has worn off. He is comfortable in his home and he is becoming much more obidient.  He has mastered sit and impoving on sit/stay combo.  We still have problems with him heeling and returning.  Oh well.  It is somewthing to work on. 
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over exposure..

So the other day I was at Jana's house playing with the kids. Of course I had a camera with me.  It was really bright outside but the pictures were EXTREMELY bright.  I had forgotten that I had changed the exposure.  The pictures above had the high exposure but I still love them.  I love the top on because of the action.  You can just tell it is summer. I love the b/w one because they are so cute looking through the fence.

Phuture Photographer

So I took a picture of Wyatt on Fathers Day. He asked to try so I showed him how and he was off like a rocket. I love the largest picture! It is my favorite. He has taken a total of 100 pictures. To be posted soon.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

I have the best father in the world.  No questions asked.  No competition.  Hands down.
He has kind, patient, loving, helpful, strong, resiliant, hard working, caring, intelligent, funny,
and so much more.  He is the man who taught me how to change my oil, and teaching me to driver a trailer.  He taught me how to drive a clutch and ride an ATV pretty much anywhere.  From his example I have learned it is not what you say but what you do.  He demonstrates through all his actions that he love me.  He is the first to help and the last to leave.  He isthe best.  Poor guy had to cook his fathers day bbq too!
Love how he is helping Marlee and Emma down the stairs and giving rides on ATVs.

Poor Wyatt showed up after Emma and Marlee left.  He was so excited to see them he started to cry they weren't there.


Here is my Grandma Dalley.  She is turning 90 years old in July.  The picture on the right is when she went to her junior prom.  She was born in 1920.  Can you believe it? Just think of everything she has lived through.  It boogles my mind. I can't imagine what it would be like to know all she knows.

Happy early 90th Birthday!
Love you Grandma!

Playing at the Park

On Saturday, Lexy, Marlee, Caitlyn, Emma, and I went to the park.  We had a fun time.  Here are the highlights.

Kaylees birthday party

We celebrated my niece Kaylee's birthday this weekend.  They have a pool in their backyard so the kids had a great time playing.  It makes me feel so old that she is 14!!  I can remember when she was born!!
I am old!!


So took these pictures on Monday June 14th.  There had been a thunderstorm that day and the sun seemed so much brighter than normal.  The weather in Idaho is what I remember as a child.  There is actually thunder and lightening.

On Sunday there was storm that rolled through that dumped TONS of rain.  It only lasted 10-15 minutes.  Here are some highlights.

more family fun

Sunday aftr Jana's graduation most of us ended up at parents house like usual.
Suprisingly it was a warm day so alot of the time was spent outside.

Grandma was helping Wyatt ride a bike without training wheels.
Grandpa walking with Emma and Wyatt.  LOVE THIS ONE!
Grandpa taking the kids for a ride on the 4wheeler
Emma and Wyatt playing inthe back fo the Outback.  They acted like were trapped.
Emma dancing.


So I have been neglected to update photos of TJ. 
He is such a crazy little dog but I love him!

TJ standing of the very edge of the carseat.(top left)
TJ sticking his head out the window with (top right)
TJ actually laying down instead of sticking his head out the window.
He had a very busy day and was tuckered out (middle left)
TJ getting ready for bed. (middle right)
TJ waiting patciently for the ride to begin (bottom left)
Improvising a water dish for TJ at the farmers market (bottom right).

TJ snuggling with his ball in his doggie bed at parents house.
TJ just looked too cute waiting for me to come up the stair.
TJ watching me from the window. 
Grandpa put TJ in the window.
TJ trying to run to me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jana's Graduation and BBQ

On Friday June 11th, Jana graduated from Treasure Valley Community College with a degree in (and I am paraphrasing/guessing) medical administration.  I am so proud of her!!  Juggling school, work, and family had been struggle sometimes but her work paid off!!  Congratulations to her!

Here is her during the ceremony
(her degree holder I took at a different time but thought it most appropriate here)

Family pictures after the ceremony

and brief highlights of the bbq. 
One suprise was our cousins Gena and Heidi and Aunt Bette showing up. 
Heidi and Bette live in eastern Idaho but came over for a visit because
Gena recently had her 2nd child, a girl named Lucy.

Farmers Market

Lexy, Caitlyn, and I are usually at the Farmers Market every other Saturday.  Nothing exciting happens, I just enjoy wandering through the vendors and Lexy always has to get hairbows for Marlee.  Everytime, the kids get a balloon from the same lady.  Emma is so cute when she hands over her money to pay. 
The photos above are from June 12th..  After the market we went and played at Lexy's house and the girls had fun outisde.  After naps, we went to Jana's graduation bbq.

Library Carnival

Cant remember if I posted these pictures or not so thought I would just in case
top to bottom, left to right
Marlee didn't like being in the truck.
Emma with her cool hate.
Wyatt and Emma enjoying seeing the insdie of the firetruck,
The firetruck (too bad there weren't any cute fireman)
Wyatt enjying his hat

long long time ago..

I have been meaning to post these pictures for a long time but just nowgetting around to it.  It is from a couple of different days in Caitlyn's back year.  Starting from top row, left to right:
-Wyatt getting tangled up in the swing (FYI the sing was already tangled and Wyatt decided to climb it).
-me being a sad excuse for a babysitter, let Emma and Wyatt climb onto the ledges fo the chair swings. 
-TJ trying to find away around the plastic cube so he can escape and run away.  Thankfully no that tday..
-Wyatt showing me how he is Spiderman.  You really cant see it but he is using his toes to grip the chain.
-Wyatt was throwing a stuffed monkey to Boomer and TJ.  He threw it once that the monkey landed in the rain gutter. 
-Marlee and Emma enjoying the swings. 
-Marlee saying "cheez".  She says it so cute!
-Wyatt showing how high he can go

Friday, June 18, 2010

Viva Las Vegas


Can you tell I am excited?  I am tagging along with Jana and her girlfriends as we celelbrate her graduation and turning 30.  It will be crazy because there is two other groups we are meeting up with.  Jana's friend also graduated so she is bringing her friend/family too.  I think all together there will be 25 girls. We are all in 5 rooms which helped reduce the cost alot.  We are staying at the Bally's resort on the strip.  Taryn (girl from Oregon) said her mother has arranged (and paid) for limos to be at our service all week long!  Crazy I know!!  Really excited because get to see my friend Molly while I am there. 

The great thing is I will off of work for a week.  Friday July 2nd will be a slow day at work because of the holiday.  Monday is work holiday.  I took Tuesday - Friday off.  I was able to squeeze Monday morning off.  I won't have to step a foot inside the office from 4:01pm on Friday July 2nd to 11:45am on Monday July 12th.  How awesome is that!! Jana and I are flying home on Sunday and shlould be home by 8pm.  For our tickets it only cost $275.  I know that sounds like alot but considering the times we are flying (leaving Wednesday at 10am and non stop flight and coming home on Sunday at 12 with 1 layover) that aint bad.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


so it has been awhile since I posted.  Instead of going into great detail I will post highlights:

- On Friday June 11th, Jana graduated from Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario OR. After a long struggle of schedules (work, school, day care), computer problems, money, time, and stress, she hs finished her goal.  She graduated with a degree in medical office administration or something like that.  I had to work Friday til 4p, but had to be in Ontario by 630 (program started at 730).

I had to flay home and get ready.  Thankfully we as a family were car pooling to the graduation.  We all pile into the van and head to Caldwell to pick up Stacey.  As we are exiting the freeway to head to Stacey's house, I notice smoke just pouring from underneath the van.  We quickly pull over into a vacant lot and scramble out thinking the van could explode.  Dad opened the hood and saw the radiator hose had exploded.  So it wasn't smoke we saw, it was steam.

Now we are in a perdicament.  How to get 6 adults and 2 kids to Ontario.  There was Dad, Mom, me, Lexy, Cailtyn, Stacey, Emma, and Wyatt.  Thankfully Stacey has a 12 person van with carseats (she runs a day care) so a quick phone call and she came and saved us.

Nothing special about the graudation.  Got some really great pics of Jana that I will post when I get home.
We make it back home around 1030.  Dad called AAA and had the van towed home. Thankfully it was something he could fix.  That van has been on too many family trips and adventures to die. 

- Saturday after the graudation, Lexy and I rode our bikes to the farmers market.  I really love my new bike.  I did run into a couple of issues.  With the new seat, I need to lower the seat down because I have to stand on my tippey toes when I am stopped to keep it balanced.  I need to secure the seat somemore because there entire time I was sliding forward.  So basically I was standing up while riding.  TJ was nervous but stayed seated the entire time.  He didn't bark or tried to jump. We are repeating it again this weekend so hopefully we have corrected the mistakes and it will go off without a hitch.

- Saturday afternoon there was a big shindig at Jana's house to celelbrate her great achievement.  There were tons of kids and food.  The weather was a little chilly but the kids still played in the water.  It was a great suprise to see our cousins Heidi and Gena with our Aunt Bette show up.  Heidi and Better live in eastern Idaho so they came to visit Gena and her new daughter Lucy.  It was a fun time visiting with them.

- After the bbq, Caitlyn and Brandon were hosting a UFC fight.  So I go to that too.  It was dissappointing because the guy I was rooting for was knocked out at the end of the first round so Brandon's guy won.  But points to my guy because he broke the other guys forearm.  Barberic I know. 

- Sunday was spend triming the lilac bushes in my parents back yard. I got a little color in my arms.  I really worked the arms.  This Sunday will be spent weeding the garden in the morning because Lexy has failed to do her turn.  Oh well.  It will be good for me.

- The work week was long because I have been working over time.  I work from 730-630 nearly everyday.  Got to pay for Vegas. I survived my review with our new manager.  It has been so much better with him here.  The atmosphere is so much more relaxed.  It helps that a couple I didn't like are no longer here! 

- On Wednesday I went to a tanning salon for the first and got started on tan.  I am going nearly nearly everyday.  Got to work on it for Vegas!!  It is so much more relaxing than I thought.  It was warm and could put me to sleep.  I was only in there for 7 minutes and looking forward to the time when I can lay down for 20! 

- I need to get a new phone..which I think I will do today.  The old phone of Chris' I was using, is on it's last leg.  The screen is cracked, the flip is loose, it vibrates randomly, some keys aren't working properly. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bike Basket..

So I have been riding bike on the weekends. I have to leave TJ behind because I don't have a basket to put him in. Well I found on. But it was all metal and that would hurt to sit/stand on. Plus it was black metal so that would make it really hot. SO. While talking to my coworker we came up with great idea to make a cover for it. Because I am not that great of a sewer and she is she took on the project for me. This is what she came up with.

Pretty awesome huh? There will be ropes on the side to attach to TJ's body harness so he doesn't fall out. Pictures will be posted sometime Saturday to show of what we have accomplished!


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dad & Me...

Because my sister Lexy is totally awesome, she has gotten me excited for bike riding this summer.  She and Marlee ride their bike alot and I have started tagging along.  I have been using my old bike that I had when I was a kid.  It claims it is 24in but it is just too tiny.  I feel like a hunch back when I am riding it. 

On Monday, we were looking at the bike my parents had in the shed.  There I found the perfect bike.  It is purple and kinda beat up but it looks way cool to me.  Plus is fits perfectly...the right height and length! Only problem is it needs new tires.  Of course I go to my go-to-guy aka Dad.  He agrees to help me fix the bike.

So yesterday afternoon, I get off work and head to parents house.  After a yummy dinner of meatloaf and pototaoes, outside we go.  Dad had already disassembled the bike so it went quicker than I thought. 

But while we were adjusting the bike, we mostly worked in silence.  I of course was asking questions, but there was little conversation.  I thought it was such a nice expereience.  There was no deep conversation.  No baring of my soul.  Nothing.  Just a wonderful moment.  I really wished I had my camera but even a picture couldn't caputer what a happy memory that it will be.  Dad knows me well enought that he demonstarted once, and then handed the tools over to me to try. 

On day I will invent a camera that is in my eye glass lense so when I blink, a picture will be taken. 

Now I just need to finish accessoring the bike.  I need a basket and a dog carrier so TJ and I can ride to the farmers market together.  On our current bike rides, he gets left at Lexy's house.  Petco here I come!!

Of course once the bike is finished, will post a pictures.  So check back on Saturday/Sunday.

Here is Dad and I when I was 3yrs and 3 months old. 
In a few hours Caitlyn was going to be born.
July 4 1987
(I think)


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