Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day..

While you are at the BBQs, and picnics that are typical this weekend, please remember WHY we HAVE this weekend! It is set aside so we may remember everyone who has sacrificied themselves so we may remain in a country were we have all the freedoms we have. The holiday isn't about the Presidents, the Wars, or the is about the men and women who are/were willing to be more couragous then we/me. I thank each and every veteran and their families for being better than me.

And because I love Trace Adkins and he is such a patriot, here is another song. Here is hoping that we may all live in peace one day:

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

~ Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

I found this quote on another blog and loved it!  Too bad I never remember.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congrats to MOM!!

Mom is very involved with Republican Women. She has been President of Canyon County Republican Women.  She is currently Director of Canyon County Republican Women.  She has been VP in Idaho Republican Women and this she maybe President of Idaho Republican Women.  She is also Idaho Legistlative District 13 Chairman for Canyon County Republians.  She has worked as a precinct person in the District and is very proactive in promoting the true Republican platform..non of this RINO (Republican In Name Only) or liberal Republican stuff.  She is a true Republican!!

Well, because Mom is so great, through, and organized, alot get delegated to her.  For the past couple of years, she has been the float director for CCR (Canyon County Republicans) and CCRW (Canyon County Republican Women).  Each year we participate in Exchanges Clubs Annual Parade America.  Well, Mom has won 1st Place Civic and 2nd Place Civic.  This year we won GRAND PRIZE!!  WOOHOO!! Great job Mom and Dad. 

This year the theme was "America - A Blessing For All" and Mom came up with a brilliant float.  The music as set to Alabama's Fourty Hour Week.  The song said basically thank you for working fourty hour week even though you are going to send your money "further on down the line".  See the music video here on  The float itself consisted of children dressed in adult clothing of various occupations.  Everything from cowboys and girls to law enforcment, postal service, medical, and construction. 

For the medical, we did have an Uncle Sam in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask and an IV of money getting pumped into him.  We thought that was pretty funny.

Emma and Wyatt rode on the parade so I hung out with Lexy and Marlee. 
I just thought this was too cute not to post.

Wacky weather...

I really hate the weather now.  It will be warm one day and snowing the next.  I just want summer to get here so camping and boating can start to happen!!  But I will say that I have loved driving places because the sky has been so blue and the clouds so puffy white!! 

But here is a rundown of this weekend..



Yes that is SNOW on the mountains!!  CRAZY!!
Now I have to wait for all that snow to melt before we
can plant more in the garden! :(


A couple of weeks ago, I was playing with Marlee and her bubble machine. It was a nice Saturday afternoon. I completely forgot to post my pictures. Here are my favorites:

Normally I would have pictures of Marlee herself here but she was really dirty and in ratty clothes.  I didn't know if her mother would apprecaite me showing that.  I couldn't get her face in anyshot because she was such a quick mover.

Before and After

I don't think I really posted a before and after pick of TJ and his haircut.  He got cut on May 8th.  It had been about....6 months since his last groomer appointment. I give him baths and stuff but the hair just had to come off in what I thought was a preparation for summer.  Well, we are still waiting for summer but at least we are prepared when it shows up. 

Pretty crazy huh? I wish I could drop the weight like he can with a haircut!!

Speaking of TJ, here are some more of my favorite pics recently:

TJ doesn't like cows.  He usually just stand there
and barks at them.  This cow he engaged in a staring contest.
The cow won.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soggy Saturday..

Today has just been a soggy day.  The day of watching movies and taking naps.
I am just now getting  to the movie part.  The morning was filled with a quick
trip to Farmers Market, Costco, Fred's, Michael, Sally Beauty, Lane Bryant,
and watching some TV at Lexy's house.  I am grateful for the rain
but I cant help but wonder.....

Picture from

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just heard a HUGE crash of thunder.  I was getting up from the recliner when I heard it.  It was LOUD!!  Instantenously, I was 4 years old again.  I hustled up the stairs and jumped into bed.  I realized I didn't have a flash light so if the power went out I would be up a creek. I knew I had one on my bedside table so that seemed the safest place to be.  Plus it IS the safest place to be.  Why do we alwasy run and put our heads underneath the covers when we were little?  Because we instictively knew it was safe. 

All the same things will have to wait til tomorrow.  I am big enough to admit, I am still scared sometimes. And now it is one of those times.  I wish it were still daylight.  Then I would be outside playing in the puddles.  For now I will lay here in the safety of my bed and write about it. 

I do love the rain.  I love how the green leaves are that much more vibrant against a grey sky.  I love how everything shimmers because of the raindrops.  I love to cuddle in blankets and watch rom-com movies or the classics like Pride and Prejudice (6 hr version).  I love to nap away the days.  When do yo go out, you have fun umbrellas and cute coats to wear.  The smell is alwasy divine (unless it is the New York subway tunnel.  Then the rain makes it that much worse!!).  Oh the rain!  Now I have an urge to watch Sining in the Rain.  I will have to put that on the agenda for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Amazing how in the dark the smallest things change.  Thunder is more ominous.  The shadows are bigger.  And the smalles noise seems to be amplified 1,000x louder.  I just heard another clap of thunder.  The storm is moving quickly.  I am sure morning will be here just as quick and I need to get up earlier than normal.

Night Night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wish I were Nicholas

I really wish I were Nicholas.  See here for reason.


As I was leaving my parent's house last night, I could here the frogs and the bugs.  It was such a nice sound.  I know that summer is coming.  I was excited for the lazy days, floating the river, camping, bbq's, boating, and so much more. 

To top it off, this morning I woke up to rain pattering on the tin car port.  What a soothing sound.  It made me wanna snuggle down and not get up.  Unfortunately, I had to go to work so I dragged myself out of bed and made it here. 

Thank you for the picture.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have spent the majority of the day (while at work) consolidating all the lables I had into a smaller more manageable list.  Makes me feel so much better!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a great weekend!!

What a great weekend!  After an emotional breakdown on Friday (more on that later) it was a great time.  On Friday night I met Jana, Caitlyn, and a friend Ashley for happy hour at Applebees.  From 9pm til close you can get half price drinks and half price appetizers.  It is a great deal.  Caitlyn's bill total was $5.50 I think.  It was a great time gossiping and talking. 

Saturday morning I had to drag my butt out of bed at 615 so I could get ready for Race for the Cure.  It is always a great time.  Our captiain doesn't know how to plan so we never really do anything as a group besides the pictures.  Next year I am going to host my own team and do it so much better.  It was also pretty cool because last year I got pink ribbon necklaces and bracelts for a $1 each!!  I got enought for the family.  Plus Mom and I did iron on transers so now our shirts have the team name (Treasure Chests) on the right arm.  I thought it was a clever idea.

After the Race we head to the super junk store.  I get a garbage can, bowls, travel toys for the kids and some old canning jars.  One is so old that the top is actually glass. Mom says that is really rare so what a find (pictures to be posted soon).  We head to this Chinese place for lunch because their lunch special is only $3.99.  Mine was really yummy.  It was a breaded chicken breast with sweet and sour souce and fried rcie.  It was kinda like sweet/sour chicken but the breading was different.  It was the best.

After lunch we fly home because TJ has a groomers appointment at 2.  We were a little late but that is ok.  He has lost 2/3s of his body because it was all hair!!  He looks so small and dainty now!  I prefer his hair shaggy though.

After groomers it was dinner and hanging out at Lexy's house.  I had to finish watching Drop Dead Diva..a new favorite show of mine. 

Sunday was an experience.  I knw I needed to get gas but kinda put it off because I was always in a rush.  So I run to the grocery store to get stuff for our family fondue party and was headed to the gas station.  About 1 mile away, I run out of gas.  UGH!!  Thankfully Jana just lives aboug 1 mile away so I get TJ and we walk to her house.  I thought she was going to be gone but thankfully she was there and save me another mile hike back. 

After the resuce, I was finally able to make it to parents house.  I thought I was going to make bread before the fondue buttime just wouldn't permit it.  Bummer.  Next Saturday after the parade, I will be making bread.  I have put it off for two weeks and it needs to get done.
Fondue was a hit.  We had the cheddard cheese and then a cheesy pizza fondue.  Cheesye pizza is just mozzi cheese and a spaghetti sacue.  Dip with pepporoni and it is really good.  Chocolate was the best part..epsically when you dip a banana in it.  After fondue we just played outside.

Then the Amazing Race finale came on.  I was rooting for the Cowboys - Cord and Chet.  They played with integrity and honesty and plain old hard work.  They came in second only becase the brothers from RI cheated and got tickets first and are cheaters.  The Cobwoys didn't win a million dollars but the won a million fans and helped reshape the image of longer just rednecks.
Marlee letting Gpa help her down the steps.

Gpa and Marlee playing on the fence.

Gpa playing with TJ

Wyatt getting tossed around by Jana and Emma on the trampoline.

Emma, Jana, and Wyatt playing on the trampoline.

Marlee, Emma, and Wyatt playing in the rock walkway.

Wyatt and Emma playing in the rock walkway.

Emma playing with TJ

TJ with his new do.
Now his head is way to big for his body!

TJ always sits so funny!

Marlee saying no more pictures!

Marlee trying to escape the camera.

Marlee loves the trampoline.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kinda nervous..

I am kinda nervous for Saturday.  TJ is schedule for the groomers.  It has been...5 months since TJ has gotten a haircut.  Last time was in November...maybe December.  I have grown accustomed to his long hair.  I think I prefer it kinda shaggy.

But it will be for the best TJ the is hair EVERYWHERE and requires alot of vaccumming.  (Thankfully I don't have a dog like Boomer.  With his shedding you have to vaccum 2x a day becasue he leaves clumps of hair.  I think on Monday, I will go brush him out again as party of bro in law's continued birthday present).

I really like the groomer and I know he will look adorable but I keep thinking about to the first time he got his haircut.  He was a completely different dog!!  Keeping our fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

hated holiday...

Let the pity party begin..

at least right now...
I get to celebrate my wonderful mom!

I hate the love/hate relationship I have with this holiday.  Normally it isn't a problem.  I understand that I have plent of time and it will happen if it is God's Plan but right now EVERYONE is preggers.  Either preggers or recently had a baby.  I was at Wally World the other day and coudln't stop myself looking throught the cards they had on dispaly.  Some were funny.  Others were sweet.  Some were just stupid. 

I stood there reading a card and I had a horrible heart ache.  I wanted to receive a card on Sunday.  I wished I had someone who was trying to select the perfect card to give to me. I wish I had a piece of construction paper with some Crayola squiggles on it as a signiture from my baby. 
Oh how I long for those things!!  

I know all the platitudes.  It will happen when you least expect it.  Just stay positive.  The grass is greener.  It will happen when it will happen.  On a better day I would understand it...thought I would disagree with it all. I just feel like I am running out of time.  I was babysitting the other day and I had to run into the store.  I was carrying Marlee and buckling her in and couldn't help but think "This is where I should be.  This is what I need to be doing." I am a firm believer that women are created with divine ability and responsiblity of being a mother, home maker, nurture, etc. I have a feeling of inadequacy because I am feel I haven't been blessed to be a mother because Heavenly Father sees some sort of deficiency in me (and yes I know that isn't true but hard to ignore the Devil sometimes).  I know I need to pray about this more but everytime I start I just can't continue because I think if I voice my question, I won't like the answer so I would rather not hear it!!
Isn't denial a pretty thing?  I know where I need to start but I am too afraid too.

But on a better note....

this is my mom...
I don't mean she is as big as an elephant...

Like an elephant, she is as strong, noble, conservative (helps that she is a Republican too), protective, smart, intelligent, loving, nuturing, supportive, natural leader, follower, domineering (yes that is a good quality), self reliant, tough, gentle, enduring, teachable, teacher, nuturing, and every other good/great quality in the world. 

I have the best mother.  Hands down.  No competition.  Gold, silver and bronze go to her.

For as much trouble as me and my family gives her, she still keeps her sanity and is the heart to our family. 
I have never doubted her love for me.  I know she WILL ALWAYS love me.
She is the bestes ever and has helped me be a better person than I ever hoped to be.
I love her more than I can expres.

Heres to my mom:

The political activist

the friend

the grandma

the support system

and the greatest mom in the world!!

I love you!


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