Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Same prcess with the rainbows.  And yes I am tooting my own horn.


So I was at my parents house last night.  All day it was overcast and in the afternoon there were crazy thunderstorms.  My dad saw this awesome rainbow after the storms and I tried to get into 1 shot but it just wasn't working.  So I took mulitple shots and will add them together to make one.  Below is my progress.  This is just using MS Paint.  nothing else.  It is a alot of copy/paste but I think it doesn't look half bad. I am just so proud of what I have done!!

Below are the three individual pictures I use.

Below is the placement of the three pictures.

Starting filling in the white spaces

and this is the finished project so far. 
I cant wait to actually use an editing program to hopefully even out the colors and remove the lines. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday highlights..

So I stole so many peoples idea by using the collage idea!!  It is a brilliant idea.  This was Dad's birthday party (which was on Sunday) in a nutshell.  My favorite pic is Dad with the three youngest on his lap.  Plus Marlee and Emma wearing the same outfit was too cute!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dad and I at the BSU football game in fall 2009.

I just wanted everyone to know that today is my dad's birthday. 
And I just want everyone to know he is the greatest Dad!

He is so wonderful because:
he is a big softie
when he means busines..he means BUSINESS
he didn't yell at me when I came home and told him I tipped the new 4wheeler
a great teacher
(taught me how  to change oil/wiper blades and teaching me on how to drive a trailer)
great cook (on certain things)
great at ordering out

I am so lucky to have such a great father (and family).  I emailed him this morning at work to wish him a happy birthday and told him he was such a great dad.  His response:
"thank you! I could not be the dad I am if I did not have Wonderful girls around me who appreciate me!"
How sweet is that!!  I love him so much. 


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tag your it!

8 TV Shows I watch :)

(on The CW on Thursday. Two brothers fighting to stop the Apocalypse. VERY hot boy names Jensen Ackles stars.)

(on CBS on Thursday. People trying survive the longest to win million $)

(on Discovery Channel on Tuesday about crab fishermen)

(on CBS on Sunday. Teams of two people race around the world to win a million $)

(on FX on Tuesday.  About a US Marshall catching bad guys.  US Marshall is REALLY hot!)

(on ABC on Monday see about it in this previous post.)

(on NBC on Monday see about it in this previous post.)

10 Things I hate About You
(on ABC Family on Tuesday(?) just like the movie but on TV. Just 30 minutes but a guaranteed laugh.)

Honorable mentions:


8 Favorite places to eat and drink

My parents house
Wrap Shack
my sisters houses

8 Things I look forward to

4pm (work day over)
4pm on Friday so the weekend can being!
any day off work
July=VEGAS! for a week!
being with my family
being skinny (someday hopefully)
being loved
having a child


8 Things I love about winter

hot chocolate
smells (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc)


8 Things on my wish list

to be happier more often (stole from Molly)
to have an eternal family (stole from Molly)
to be financially stable
to be tan (stole from Molly)
to be healthier
to have an SUV
to have a yard for TJ
to be meaner

8 things I'm passionate about

my family
being a fun loving aunt (stole from Molly)
hot men


8 things I've learned from the past

LISTEN to your parents and grand parents (stole from Molly)
"if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"(stole from Molly)
stick to the basics! It's so hard to do sometimes (stole from Molly)
NEVER lay back down once the alarm clock has gone off (stole from Molly)
that I still have so much to learn! (stole from Molly)
keep TJ on a leash
I deserve good things
I am a good person

8 things I want/need

a husband
a child
higher paying job with better hours(stole from Molly)
to be fit(stole from Molly)
a home of my own... with grass :) (stole from Molly)
to sleep in... it's been a LONG time :) (stole from Molly)

8 people I'd like to tag:
anyone who read this because I am not sure who looks at my blog..:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just like these


(View from my parents back porch)

Yesterday afternoon was LOVELY!!  There was a slight breeze but the warm sunshine was counteracting it.  TJ and I had fun rolling around in the grass while we were waiting for dinner.  TJ like to chase my hand.  It is a fun game we enjoy.  Todays like today make me wish I was wrestling with a child of my own.  I was making dinner for Dad and kept thinking out I desperately want to make dinner for a husband and children.  I am so grateful to have what I have and wish I wouldn't see how green the grass is on the other side.  As we (TJ and I) were headed into dinner, I saw this cow in the field.  My first thought was "What a lonely cow.." my next thought was "Which one? Me or the one field?"  I thought it was kinda funny and laughed at myself.

I have resolved to get myself out of this pity mood by cleaning house and getting stuff ready for a yard sales on April 24th at Caitlyns house.  A clean house always makes me feel better.  Now if I can just stop the cold from developing in my nose, life would be alot better.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Poor TJ

Yesterday was a veggie day at the parents house.  Stayed out too late on Saturday so Sunday was VERY unproductive.  Dad took TJ outside to go on a walk around the house.  Dad walks in the house with TJ in his arms saying "Megan I need you help.  TJ has a thorn."  No big deal.  TJ gets thunderheads in his paw alot.  So I walk over an lift up his paw and I FREAK out mentally because I see blood.  A good portion of blood for being his paw. 

We all march into the bathroom and I am trying to stay calm but I really just want to pack him up to the vet...but not have to pay the huge cost because it was on weekend and after hours.  So after a little manuvering we were able to see it was bleeding from his dew claw (nail that is further up leg than on the paw)..anyway the fur is getting in the way of getting a real good look at it but TJ is getting really scared and wiggle. 

We (thank heavens parents were there) decided best to put a sock over it just to absorb the wet blood that was still there and check it in the am.  So TJ is walking around with a sock on his paw and he looks so silly.  I had to laugh (I had just finished crying by the way...maybe I shouldn't be a parent.  If I cry like that over a dog just think how bad it would be if it was a child!). 

So TJ eventually removes the sock and licks it clean.  He is walking on it fine and it doens't seem to give him any trouble.  I check it often just in case it starts bleeding again but I think it was a minor cut/hang nail type of situation.  Dad went outside to see if he could find what cut him and there was nothing with  any blood that he could see on it. 

So crisis averted and he is sleeping peacefully underneat the desk at my feet.  I need to wrap this up because of my favorite TV shows is about to come on!!  Who doesn't love Nathan Fillon as Rick Castle the author who follows pretty NYC dectective Kate Beckett around to get inspiration for his character Nicki Heat?  It is great you should really watch it.  It is on ABC on Monday nights (and speaking of Monday nights don't forget Chuck on NBC.) 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really proud of myself...

I really love my headers lately.  I use for alot of the text.  I am totally stealing becuase I dind't get permission to use the flowers but they were just too pretty and I really didn't know how to get permission. What a rule breaker I know.  I am just too happy how pretty it turned out. 

It started with this image..

After original was copied, pastied, flipped horizontally, and moved, this was created


Upload to, add text and this is what it was initially..

I prefer the final version up top. 

S - A - T - U - R - D - A -Y NIGHT!! S - A - T - U - R - D - A -Y NIGHT!!

FYI for anyone in Treasure Valley...

On Saturday we are going out to celebrate my birthday.  We are meeting at 730pm at Super Sushi in Meridian for dinner and then going to Bulls Head Pub to sing along with the dueling pianos.  Eventually we will head downtown to dance.  If you want to meet up with the group at one point, just text or call my cell.  If you need the number, just email me.

Click here for directions to Super Sushi/Gelato Cafe.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WHEW!!! What a weekend!!

Where to begin? This weekend has been really busy and fun. I guess I will start on Friday.

Work was ok. Really slow because it was good Friday. My prayers were answered and I was able to leave work at 3!! First thought was WOOHOO!! Junk store here I come. I made a quick run through. My favorite purchase was a wicker chest. I will now be using it as a landary basket. I just got to bug bomb it before I move it into the house.

After the store, I picked up Mom and we met Dad at Souper! Salad! for dinner. It is a really great restuarant. It is a salad and soup buffet. I highly recommend it. After dinner, it was time to head home and to watch some TV and relax before Saturday.

And what a day Saturday was busy day.

It started out with an Easter egg hunt hosted by a local fire dept. I get there just in time to help Lexy fight the
mob. Some parents are straight up crazy. This one woman was literally dragging her child. The kids feet weren't on the ground!! The tips of the toes were dragging on the ground! The poor kids arm looks like it was going to be disclocated at the shoulder the mom was pulling so hard.

It was so dissappointing to see the parents get involved. Instead of having the child pick up the eggs, they were doing it for them. I understand picking up a few eggs to ensure your child gets some but I don't understand the justification for 3 adults picking up eggs for 1 child! It annoys me so much! Anyway..the hunt lasted maybe 2 mintues. After helping Lexy, we met up with Caitlyn and Jana.

It was really trippy when we met up because Josh (Jana's boyfriend) and Brandon were dressed in identical outfits. It consisted of jean, SAME brown shoes, similar brown hoodies, green baseball caps and sunglasses. The only real different is one had a full beard and one had only had a goatee.

After the egg hunt, we head to Jana's house to color eggs. That was really fun to see the kids. After an hours of coloring, we head to lunch at Idaho Pizza Co. YUMMY! We split from there. Caitlyn heads to work. I go with Lexy and Chriss to their house to watch TV. Jana and her family heads to the store. It will only be a couple of hours til most of us are together again at Nick's birthday party.

We celebrated Nick's 10th birthday. He got a gun, money, candy, microscope (really jealous), Ipod, and clothes. I wish my birthdays could be so exciting. But we had really yummy cake (Funfetti) and coffee ice cream.After cake, I head home for a quick nap before Red Robin.

I was meeting up with family once AGAIN that day. I had a certificate for a free meal at Red Robin and spread the word. Everyone showed up. It was ok. Family drama, late drinks, bad food, and lost ballon were the highlites of the dinner.

After dinner, we finally seperated for the night. I head to the store to grab tomoatoes for layer salad and then
head home. I start to make the salad for Easter dinner when I had to make a run to Walmart because I didn't have cheese or peas. In the late hour I found a new hairstyle I like. (pics to be posted soon)

So after the trip to the store, the salad was pretty much made and I started to fill eggs with candy for the family egg hunt. It went by pretty fast. I stumbled into bed around 100.

I get my behind out of bed at 730 and head to parents house. Thankfully I thought I messed up on the dressing for the salad so I left it off until Mom could taste it. What a good decision on my part. I added WAY too much salt. Thankfully Lexy was able to bring additional supplies so I 1530 was able to start from stracht on the dressing.

It was a great Easter morning. The kids had a blast with all the Easter eggs and the dinner was great. Emma was having a bad day and would get upset at the smallest thing. Poor girl.

After the family function was over, I headed back to Lexy/Chris' house to watch more TV. Chris ended up
working. So Lexy and I watched TV. Lexy fell asleep and I heard Marlee waking up so I got her out of bed to play and let Lexy stay asleep..lucky girl. After Marlee woke up we headed to Kmart for their $1.99 clearance sale. All women/men/kids winter clothes were on clearance for $1.99. It was a great sale. I got a blue jacket I need to modify but I totally love it (pic to be posted soon).  Dinner and a movie with Lexy and Chris followed. We watched "Did You Hear About The Morgans". It was funnier than I expected.

Monday I turned 26 (more on that later). I took the day off from work. I was woken up by TJ at 630. I take him outside and then I stumble back into bed. I then wake up at 10am!! WOW!! I saw how TJ was snuggled next to me. I was laying on my right side and had my right arm stretched  out. TJ was laying along my arm with his head next to mine. He is such a sweet dog!!

So I get up and get dressed. I was supposed to watch Marlee but because I didn't get my butt out of bed, Marlee was at Jana's house. I make my way over there and play with the kids (Wyatt, Emma, and Marlee) for a couple of hours. After Jana takes Wyatt and Emma to Stacey's, Lexy and I head to Costco and Target. We made the trip to Costco so Lexy could get some strawberries. But guess what? Costco was sold out!! How does that happen? We pick up a few more things and then head to the favorite and beloved store Target. I get a new dress (which I may take back) and Easter clearance and toe warmers. They are great when you are waiting at parades or 4wheeling. They were only $0.75!!

After Target, I head to parents house in anticipation for the great birthdaty dinner....cold homemade roast beef sandwiches with bread and butter pickles!! YUMMY!! I have had a craving for these sandwhiches forever and it was so much better than I expected.

After the yummy dinner (which included leftover salads from Easter) it was cake time. I splurged and had 2 from each cake. Chris and Lexy got me a New Moon cake and Mom made German Chocolate (aka best cake ever!).

I got a Twilight umbrella (has the Cullens on it instead of Jacob but it was free for Lexy so that makes it even awesomer), Seahawk slippers, a date (thank you Caitlyn), money toward a baskets for TJ to attach to a bike, candle, booke, and wind chimes.

Today at work it has been dragging so slowly!! At least I can take this time to write about the weekend!

Pics to be updated soon..


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