Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Oh what a fun day we had!!  Mom had to work so dinner was a group effort. I made my first batch of rolls.  They aren't as complicated as I expected them to be.  We ate on time and were so happy that Rob came this year.  Everyone gave and received lovely gifts.  I believe the kids are the most spoiled kids in the world.  Everyone was really cooperative when I was taking pictures.  Below are just some highlights. 

Each family (top left to right), The Cardarelli's, Marrs, Gullicks,
Bottom left to right: Parents Linsenmann, Me, and The Petersons.

Gpa/Gma with all the gkids
two pictures because of facial expressions
Misc pics
top: chaos in action as we begin to open presents
middle: Marlee and Me
bottom left: confusion as present opened
bottom right: 99% of the grandkids

Emma, Marlee, Wyatt in front of Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

freezing at doggie park

Last Saturday TJ and I braved the FREEZING FREEZING cold morning to go to the doggie park.  When I say cold..I mean COLD!! It felt like negative 10. I was upst because I had this awesome lumberjack coat for TJ but I can't find it.  I had to squeeze him into the small cover and it was pretty funny to see.  It reminded me of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy singing "fat guy in a little coat"...

shoveling snow...

TJ was covered in snow because he was helping me shovel.

Mission accomplished

so THANKFUL for my boots!!  They saved my toesies!

Remember the snow I talked about earlier? Well living alone does have it's drawbacks that there is no one else to help shovel the snow. Each time it snows, I am out there shovel in hand moving the snow.  I have to shovel my front walk and my neighbors.  I park under the portico and that is around the corner and in front of my neighbors front door.  I really don't want to shovel their front walk abut have to if I don't want to walk through piles of snow in my business shoes.  Then I feel bad for clearing one neighbors but not the rest so I am out there even longer cleaning everyones side walk.

The one day I wasn't there and figure one of the three families would be considerate and shovel the sidewalks for me, NOBODY DOES IT!!  It is agravating!!  I was petty and spiteful because I dumped a shovel full of snow inbetween 2 neighbors cars so they have to walk through the snow to get to the drivers door.  Childish of me I know but it made me feel better.  :)

snow snow snow

It seems that Idaho is returning to the winters of my childhood were we are receiving alot of snow....and snow that sticks around for a few days.  I have really enjoyed the weather lately. 
I thought this was realy pretty with the colors and snow.  It was late November that the snow really started.  If I remember right, we even had snow on Thanksgiving.

for a 13 year old...

In November my neighbor's daughter turned 13. She was having a really crappy day according to her mom.  I ws inivited to the birthday party.  So I rush out and grab some flowers to make birthday girl feel better because how can you feel bad when you receive flowers?  It just isn't possible...
However the arrangement was so pretty that I really wanted to keep it for myself.
I did the right thing and gave it to my neighbor but
I thought my arrangment was pretty awesome so it needed to be shared..

new josh makes me want old josh

SO I was really excited that Josh (Josh Groban if you really didn't know) had a new album out. Of course I picked it up the first day....actually my supervisor is a fellow grobanite and she left work to go to hastings so she could be there when they opened. Hastings didn't even have the CD's out of box yet!!  My boss returns and I try to listen to the CD at work....but the stupid computer doesn't work!!  I finally get an oppurtunity at lunch and on the way home and.....I.........really......don't like it that much.  It is ok and he sounds great but the sounds are just weird.  I like that he can change but it is just too weird.  I will just cycle through it but it isn't something that I will go like I do with Closer, Awake, and his first cd.

slipper season

My mom gave me these pair. 
Unfortunately, my stock has diminished and I only have
2 pairs left.  Can't wait for after Christmas clearance so
I can stock up more pairs!!

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Teegee Meegee and mee

It has been awhile since I had a picture of me and TJ.
Poor dog doesn't like his picture to be taken..
oh well.
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happy catepiller

This pictures was taken in the fall..
it make me think of a little catepiller or a turtle. 
just something to bring a smile to my face.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Veterans Days..

I can't remember when the parade was but I think it was in September for Veterans Day. After the parade, I was lucky enough that my sister gave me two tickets to the BSU game!! The top collage is the parade.

Here is the game. I went with my friend Jasmine. The top collage shows the BSU band spelling out the branches of the military and a class taking the oath and joining the military.

We were seating at the very top of the stadium. You can see the underside of the box. We won of course. It was great times!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am a bad daughter!!!

I FORGOT!!  How could I forgot!!  My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on November 15th!! 


Mom and Dad at Bar J Wranglers Ranch (I think) in Summer 05 or 06..

Our family in early '90s (with Gma Dalley)

Dad and Mom on Thunder Mountin Express (I think) November 2009

Dad and Mom in Salt Lake City December 2009 

Mom and Dad on the train in Salt Lake in December 2009

Friday, December 3, 2010

Turned a frown upside down!!

Last night is exactly what I needed to turn my frown upside down.  My great sister Caitlyn hosted a little Christmas party for all the little kids. I raced home from work and picked up Brehdi. We finally arrived just in time for Brehdi to make a countdown Christmas tree. 
With that completed, it was time to make the gingerbread houses.  What a mess was made.  Marlee, Emma, Wyatt, Brehdi, Kaylee, Nick, Tyler, and Lily were all crowded around the table making a house.  Brehdi’s turned out really nice.  After that was over it was time to play.  Boy did the kids play. 
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but Caitlyn had her camera out so I will sneak a couple of pictures from her Facebook and post them here later. 
As Brehdi and I leaving, her gingerbread house fell apart!!  Sad that her dad couldn’t see it.  Thankfully we scheduled another attempt for Sunday afternoon.  It was nice to be in a happy atmosphere instead of being yelled at.  I haven’t been near family for over a week and it was making an impact.  Amazing how we take what we have for granted.
Bonus is today is Friday.  Just a few more hours to get through and then the weekend will be here.  Saturday will be a busy day.  It starts off with the Meridian Holiday Parade, then the Tuba Christmas concert in Nampa around noon, then babysitting Marlee, followed the Caldwell Nightlight Parade.  Early Sunday morning, I am driving my parents to the airport.  They will be in Iceland for the week.  What a great way to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary.  To go experience a new place together.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



I hate the majority of my coworkes…because of their imcompetence, I get yelled at.  There is nothing I hate worse than getting yelled at for something I didn’t do. 

It has been nothing but negative all day!!  GRRR!!! 

If someone looks at me cross-eyed, I may just cry.  This week has sucked!!!

I am sure that tomorrow we will get an email wanting a reason why so many people hung up. I cant say what I really want to if I want to keep my job. 

To add to the crappy day, I still have to drive home!!  It took me 2 hours to get to work…after taking 1hr 45mins to get home last night.  If tomorrow will be repeat of today, I am staying home!!

I thought it would be such a loverly day with the snow but boy was I wrong!!

I feel like I have to take care of everybody. I really want someone to take care of me.  I shovel my walk and my neighbors walks all the time. But when I am too busy, no one ever does it.  I don’t want to go home and make dinner, or do laundary, or the dishes but I don’t have anyone to share the load with.  It sucks.  Yes it is my stuff but sometimes it would be niced to be surprised once in a while with a random act. 

Oh well.  I guess I will just shoulder the load….and shoveling the snow..

But on postive note…there is at least 6” of snow in Boise.  I really just want to go play in it like a kid.  Unfortunately, that won’t happen and by the time I can enjoy it is dark and then tomorrow it will be all gone with temperaturs reaching high 30” and low 40”.  Guess that bright spot aint so bright..


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