Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The End

After Ashton, we made it as far as Pocatello.  We spent the night in a hotel.  I was very concerned that TJ would mess in the room but thankfully that didn't happen.  We get up and head to Shoshone Falls.  TJ was ready to get out because right before we arrived at Shoshone, TJ went down to my feet and sat there.  WHILE WE WERE DRIVING!!  Silly dog.

Here is Shoshone Falls.  It is larger than Mesa Falls but we only had a $3 car fee here.

I originally had some more stops planed between Shoshone and home but I was tired and ready to be done with the car.  As we were driving through Bliss it was amazing how many wind turbines there are!!

Afte we were home for a few hours, it was off to a Memorial Day BBQ at Lexy's house.  It was a great weekend and never would have happened without the sacrifices of our military.  Because of many paid the ulitimate price, I live in a free country were I can travel without fear.  I can worship how I see fit. 
Words cannot express my feelings for our military so all I will say is


The middle (part 2)

Sunday we left Gmas house.  It is always sad to leave but we needed to get down the road to finish my planned trip.  I love the top pic by the way.

Gma Dalley (who is 91) was so tired she couldn't stay awake after breakfast on Sunday.

Today we visited my Dad's Dad in Victor Cemetary.

We drove up to Grand Targhee in Wyoming and checked out the snow. What an abundance they had!
No only did it snow at Targhee on Sunday but also in the valley at Gma's house.

Dad didn't know I was taking his picture.  With him you have to be sneaky.  I time it just perfectly to get his smiling handsom face inbetween the gates.

After Targhee, we drove through Ashoton to Mesa Falls.  The lower falls is free to view but it is $5/car to view the upper falls!!  It was aggravating.

Driving through Ashton and eastern Idaho is beautiful.  Not like the western side of the state.  Over there, there are trees, green, and hills.  West side is nothing but sage brush.  I kinda wished I could move and live over there.  Maybe someday.

The middle

Saturday with Gma was spent visiting family in cemetaries.  My Aunt Karen directed us to the Dalley side of the family. Uncle Kent meet up with us in Ammon.  For the Dalley/Linsenmann family we went to Clausen, Ammon, and Roberts. It was nice.

We were able to visit the Summers (my mom's) family too.
I felt stupid because I should've called my cousins who are still in the area so we could have visited but I didn't and felt really small.  But next trip through I am setting up a meeting.

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The beginning

This Memorial Day weekend, I took a road trip with Dad to go visit Gma Dalley.  Because I had a 5 day weekend, I decided to make pit stops along the way.  Dad originally was not going to come with me but that is how it worked out. He made the trip so much better. 

First start was Craters of the Moon.  It was WINDY!

Second stop was ERB-I in Arco, ID. 
3rd stop was Idaho Falls for dinner at Scottys and gas.

Final stop befor Gma's was a campground in Swan Valley.  It was still closed due to snow!!
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Parade America

This is the float for Canyon County Republican Women/Canyon County Republicans.
Parade America is sponored by Exchange Club on held on Armed Forces Day each year. 

America the Beautiful

Our float theme/banner:
Oh Beautiful for Heros..
who more than self their country loved
and mercy more than life.

Tomb of Unknown Soldier

The hours put into the float are too many to count but the pay off was great.
That is the 2nd year in a row for us.

The music was the 3rd verse, first chorus, and then Taps

The words were:
O beautiful for heroes proved

In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!

God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

It made me cry when it was all together with the soldier standing guard and Taps playing.

Just thinking about it makes me teary eyed so I am going to stop talking about it.  I think my feelings on the military are pretty clear.

Race for the Cure 2011

The Race for the Cure happened this year on May 8th.  I uploaded these picture shortly after but today on May 31 I am just now writing this post.  It was fun.  All of the Linsenmann Ladies were able to participate this year.  We had lunch at ICP (Idaho Pizza Co for you poor souls who don't live around here..ICP has an amazing chicken alfredo bacon pizza that is to DIE for..).  After lunch it was shopping excursion that was major fun.  Overall a great day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wild weekend..

What a day Saturday was.

I purchased a Bountiful Basket and had to pick it up at 7am!!  OUCHIEE!!  But I hauled my butt to the pick up location and was pleasantly suprised how quickly I was able to get in and out. Maybe 10 minutes.  This week, there were appx 10 apples, 3 artichokes, 2 mangos, 2 cuccumbers, 5 ears of corn, 1 pineapple, and 2 green peppers...and a cantelope and 2 heads of Roman lettuce.I was impressed.  Now I just have to use all the stuff.  I have surfered the internet for some recipes and I am pretty excited to try them.  Now I just need to find the time to actually try them.

Caribbean Fruity Salsa
Chicken Artichoke Dip
Chicken Pesto Pizza
Chicken Artichoke Heart and ParmesanSandwiches

With veggies in hand, I head over to Lexy's to go garage saling.  That was kinda bust.  After a couples hours of little success we head to the Farmers Market.  It has moved locations so it has more but it doesn't have the same feeling. 

Once we had walked through the market, it was time for babysit Marlee while Lexy and Chris attended a funeral.  Marlee and I went over to Emma's and played for a little bit.  Kaylee and Tyler were there too so it was a fun time (with some fighting). 

Thankfully there was a nap before Lexy, Marlee and I went to the grand opening of the Nampa Hastings.  After browsing for awhile, it was time to drop off TJ and the fruit/veggies at home.  Then a mad dash to retrieve Kaylee and Tyler for a night at the movies.  Fast Five was ok but the original is best.

Thankfully today has been a veg out day.  Trying to recover from being sick and the crazy day yesterday. How wonderful it is.  I have caught up on my blog-stalking, emails, Facebook, and recorded movies. 

Nearly killed me...

So I have been feeling awful for the past week.  A small cough developed on Monday and Tuesday it was bad.  Wednesday I woke up and felt 1,000x worse.  I stayed home from work and went to the Dr.  I had coughed so much my side muscles were hurt!!  I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and acute bronchitus.  So I was perscribed an inhaler and antibiotics...at a cost of $54!!  OUCH!!  I was ready to forget that and just stick to coughing.  But thanks heavens the medicine is working.  I still have a cough but it is gradually getting better. 

It did suck because it has put the school testing on hold for a little bit but this week it is a must. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I hate to be a cliche...

but I have turned into a crazy emotional girl recently. I could cry just about anything.  I think there are alot of factors contributing to this current states I am in so I am going to set them free by voicing them. I haven't been blogging as much as I should so I have enteralized alot.  Interalizing is very bad for me.  I let things fester and it makes me despressed and grumpy.  (Oh by the way, pardon any bad spelling, grammar, etc because I am typing with my eyes closed - the bright screen is hurting my tired, puffy, red crieded out eyes--plus I have tired and I have to get up at 5 tomorrow too).

So  major factor in contributing to this emotion states is I am flat out tired. I have been getting up at 5 each day adn working my butt off at work each day.  i was recently promoted to a new position.  I work on a special customer servcie team that handles Starbucks (yes the evil coffee chain) deliveries.  I don't do anything else besides schedule pick up, deliveries, and monitor Starbucks freight.  It is a huge account for us.  HUGE!!  I want to succeed so I have been putting out 110% everyday.  I haven't had to learn/be trained in 5 years so this is a new processes for me.  I am so focused on doing well I just wear out my brain.  When I come home I really wan to collapse into bed and never leave but I still have to spend time with TJ, eat, talk to my parents and try to unwind a little.  I have dreamt about Starbukcs on multiple occassions.  It is getting better now thata I have been at the job for a month but I am still tired.  

But on a positive note it is that much closer until I am in Atlanta.  A working vacation.  i am really excited for it. 

Another problem is I haven't cried in awhile.  I am really cried.  I need to have the release.  I laughed alot today which cracked the dam because laughing is just a tiny tiny space away from crying. 

But there are few things that I want to cry over but I haven't permitted myself. 
1. being a old maid.  Chalk it up to being 27, signle and childless and close to Mothers Day it jst seems that my heart is calling out for a child but it isn't meant o be yet.  It doesn't help that 10,000 people are pregnant, recently had a baby, or about to pop.  I swear with inthe group of people I know and how small it is there must be 12-15 women.  It sucks. 

(but I can hear th raindrop of the ceiling and it makes me smile)

2. It is near Memorial Day.  I have such a deep love of our country.  I know it is the greatest place on Earth and has been chosen by God to play vital role.  I know that our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired.  They Constitution and Declaration of Indpendence are some of the most importanta documents in the world.  But knowing these things has caused me a great deal of fear.  With the current government, and the apathy of many of the citizens, our rights and freedoms that many fought to establish and perserve are in jeopardy.  i believe it is time for Americans to turn back to God, Our Creator.  That unless that happens, we will be destroyed and everything that we hold scared will be taken away. 

The love for our military will never falter or waiver.  Because of the service of millions in our armed forces so many injustices have been corrected, lives perserved, catastrophies avererted.  These have comes at a great cost of human life thourghout the centuries.  I know that many today perceive the military as an awful thing.  They blame the military for wars they don't support or engagements we shouldn't be in. However, the military are simpy following the orders.  i got into a debate with a coworker once about Memorial Day.  he thought it was a time to celebrate the Iraq war adn the President he didn't support.  As far as I know, there is no established holiday celebrating an war.  We recognize days of great importance (like Pearl Harbor) but that is different.  That is celebrating an anniversary...but anyway... I simple reminded my cowroker that Memorial Day is not about the war, or what county we are fighting in, or whether the President if a R/D.  It is about the soldier.  Each individual in our military and recognizing the past, present, and future sacrifices that have been made.  It is about the millions of faces that I will never see in this liftime and will never have the oppurtunity to say Thank You for doing what I was too afriad to do.  i can't explain it anymore.  All I can say is when I hear that National Anthem (sung properly and correct lyrics) that it brings tears to my ears and makes my heart swell.  That when I see a flag being burned or mistreated that I want to snatch it away and yell "DON"T YOU KNOW WHAT HAS BEEN SACRAFICED FOR YOU?!?!  WHAT LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST THAT ALLOW YOU THE FREEDOM TO BURN THE FLAG?!?!" Just being you can doesn't mean you should.

3. I turned 27.  That isn't old (but it isn't young either).  But What makes it so difficult is the reminder that Gma Summers is in heaven.  Gma died of cancer 10 years go on April 5...which is my birthday.  I was young so I didn't know Gma was sick.  Whenever we visited, I remember in good health and what love radiated from her.  I remember Lucky Charms and homemade pickles.  The old rotary phone and the Family Circle cominc books.  The way she smelled and St Ives soap.  the pink and blue bathroom.  The house vests she would wear and the coocoo clock.  The scary basement and the game kerplunk. And the lilac trees.  Oh what beautiful trees they were.  Two stores tall adn smelled divine!When I see my Mom I can see Gma.  i know I have had yen year sto grieve but it doesn't seem to be getting easier.

I remember that Mom had to be gone for a week or two and would mis my birthday because Gma and Mom were going to Arizon to see Uncle Darl.  I remember all the food the Relief Society brought over.  I remember the two birthday cakes I received.  The best cake was chocolate with pink sprinkles.  I cant remember what day Mom made it home.  i remember sitting at the ktchen table and it was sunny outside.  We were still living in Boise.  i reember she came through the front door.  She was halfway throug hthe kitchen I remember looking at her from the table.  I saw her start to cry and I ran to hug her.  That is what I remember.  After that I breifly recall collecting some things to keep but I don't remember the service or what happened after that.  I remember visiting Gpa Summers after she had passed and how I would cry each time we left. 

I don't know why it can be soo hard.  Last birthday I was fine.  This birthday i am falling apart.  I think it is because I wished for what could've been.  I don't know really.  All I know is that it is difficult. 

My eyes are nearly swollen shut.  I had better put this to rest before I break something.  Hopefully everything has been purged so tomorrow (or shall I say today) is Race for the Cure.  This year it will be all of us sisters and my mom.  Expect pictures to be posted on Sunday. I am excited for th girls day out but I had better get some rest because the alarm will be going off at 5 which is in a few hours. 

and I am content.  I am working on being happy but I am having a little setback.  no need to worry about me.  I will survive...I will survive hey hey!! (Insert rest of Gloria Gaynors song here).  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amazing news!!

OSAMA BIN LADEN is DEAD!!  When I heard the news tonight, the first thought that popped into my head was THANK HEAVEN!!  Second thought was "Ding dong the wtich is dead!!" (not really sure where that came from).

I had a great discussion with my parents about what this could mean in the future, what closure it must provide to the families from 9/11.  What hard work our military has been doing for the last decade.  How grateful we are for their sacrfice, a perpetual gartitude for every man and woman of the armed forced (and their families) from past, present, and future generations.

Of course threy was talk of the President and politics.  That is something that occurs daily in the household.  So before I go to bed, I turn on the TV and the President is giving his speech.  And I do have some thoughts about this.

According to the commentary from NBC the President was briefed to the death this morning.  But instead of announcing to the world of the accomplishment of the US Military, he plays his 9 holes of golf (the commentators even joked that he reduced it down from 18 he normally would have played because of the upcoming announcement).  I remember when the Trade Towers were hit, and Pres Bush was informed, the left were up in arms that he didn't leave the book reading and do something.  I had asked then, if he left what could he have done?  And the answer is nothing.  I would even suspect that as more details emerged, Bush would have been hussled to safety.

So begin the avid Facebooker I am, I post that comment.  Man did it light up a firestorm.  Comments ranged from "well I would rather he (Obama) wait til it was confirmed and got it right than announce prematurely".  I replied that this could have been avoid if Pres Clinton took that chance when first presented.  It was then commented that "we should be focused on uniting as a nation".  Which I decide not to respond too because it will just get ugly and facebook isn't the best place for that. 

But my response is: the nation was united until Pres Obama thought politics was more important that the American people.  He is the most divisive President.  The Congress seems to ignore the American people and follow the President.  I cannot believe how much legislation was passed when it seemed the country was against it.  I know that both sides claims they had the numbers but even the media with the polls showed how the majority was against Obamacare.  I thought the elections were rather telling that there was a shift in some of the power. 

Some additional comments were made that what I said were pop shots at the president and claimed we shouldn't be casting stones.  I agree.  Not that my comments were pop shots, because I believe they are valid, but that we shouldn't be casting stone.  I am not perfect, Obama not perfect. My FB friends are not perfect either.  However, I still voice my opinions becase we will never been perfect in this world so why shold that prevent me from presenting my opinion?  I am simply taking the logic that was applied to a previous President and apply it to the current one.  I also feel that Obama is forever casting stones.  I will be big enough to admit that I am petty and I am simply doing until others and they have done unto me. 

But from all of this I gather something alot more than a opinion of the Presidents behavior.  From this I have witnessed the true strength of the American spirit & military.  It is with continued sacrifices from men and women of the armed forces that I am allowed to voice my opinion.  That those who serve, have served, and will serve have a much greater strength, determination, will, love, hope, faith, courage, and bravery that I will ever posses. They are the greatest people in our history.  It is because of those who serve that we have the luxuries that we do.  That I can sit here in my bed, with my dog at my feet and type this.  While they are sleeping in tents, or trenches.  They should be written of in the magazines, instead of what starlet did this or who went to what party.  I am truly humbled by the actions that have been taken on the behalf of keeping me free.  The American military ensure that I can have a heated discussion with friend and coworkers.  They ensure that I can practice my faith as I see fit and others the opportunity not to practice.  While I may never support this President, I will always support the service men and women.  It is because of them, that such an accomplishment as been made.

Leading Lady

I was watching The Holiday (which I love Kate Winslet..she is great) the other night.  I love the Kate Winslet story and fast forward through most. I feel like she is playing me in the begining.  Anyway, in my semi-conscience state I caught this line:

"You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god's sake! Arthur, I've been going to a therapist for three years, and she's never explained anything to me that well. That was brilliant. Brutal, but brilliant."

You can read the full exchange here.

But I thought that is my problem.  I don't treat myself like the leading lady.  I think I am the best friend!!  But no more.  This is the year for me.  I was speaking to a sister and she said this will be my year.  And for the first time in a long time I actually agree.  Normally I would just brush that off but I said "I think so too!!"  Postitive step!!  I am improving in my.....mental image..or believing in oppurtunities.  I guess I am just becoming more positive about myself.


When a decision is necessary, I have removed the factor of "What will my family think".  I value their opinion but it will no longer be THE deciding factor of what I do.  I have a car. It's paid off.  But as soon as I have enough, I am going to trade in the car and get my SUV.  I love my car but every time I drive it I keep wishing for the SUV.  I even looked up the trade in/resell value of my car.  $3000 trade in and $5000 resell. I think I am just going to trade in and save hassell of trying to resell it and then find a SUV after it has sold.  I can already hear what my parents will say but that is ok.  I am made the decision and I am ok with that. 

Plus school is in the works.  I just need to get in my transcripts and then register for class!! Thankfully I have adjusted to saving money rather than spend it so my savings is larger than I excepted!!  I can pay for class without financial aide!!  But to be honest, I have gone on some shopping sprees but have kept what I spent less than what I had budgetted for. 

I have decided to go on a road trip over Memorial Day weekend.  I have a 5 day weekend.  I may just drive to eastern Idaho to visit Grandma but I will be taking the scenic route. I may swing up to Sun Valley and then over.  Who knows.  I am just ready for a small adventure. 

To make it even more exciting, I get to go to Atlanta, GA for a week, June 13-18. I won a contest at work and it is an expenses paid trip!!  We land in Atlanta around 2pm and get the afternoon/evening to ourselves.  Tues/Wed/Thurs we are visiting corporate offices and seeing how they operate. Thursday we even get to go to a Atlanta Braves and New York Mets baseball game!!  WOOHOO!!  Plus they are trying to work in a nice dinner with VP's and possibly the president!!  How exciting will that be!! 

For the first time in a long time, I am happy to be me!!


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