Tuesday, March 30, 2010

who knew you could learn so much in 8 mins?!

WOW!!  Well worth the 8min video!!

Training to be a parent..

Yesterday TJ and I were hanging out at parents house.  Dad and I watch Chuch on NBC and then all of us watch Castle on ABC (both are great shows and I recommend them to all).

So TJ had been outside for a little bit and Dad let him back in.  We just settle down to watch Chuck when TJ tries to sit and drag his bum.  I am thinking this has to do with the bump on his behind (vet confirmed no worms) so I pick him up.  When I feel his hip, I feel this kinda dried poop!!  I do not know what his issue is but lately he sits in his poop!!  So now TJ has to take a bath.  Not fun stuff.  As I was pulling the hair away from the dried poop, I was thinking that "it will only get worse when you have kids". 

Monday, March 29, 2010

What a weekend!!

Friday night was amazing.  I sat home and did nothing.  TJ and I went on a walk and then came home.  We feel asleep around 9-930.  It was great. It had been a tough week at work.  I found out that I was denied promotion because I was sick too many times.  I applied for three different positions and denied for all three.  So Friday was great. 

Of course I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning so I could be ready for when Lexy picked me up at 845.  I was going to Zoo Boise's Eggstravaganza with Lexy, Marlee, Caitlyn, Brandon, and Emma.  Ashley and Lily meet us there too.  It was fun to help the kids with the Easter egg hunt.  Aftter the hunt and walking around the zoo, we had a picnic lunch.  It was a warm day and what a fun time!! 

While Brandon took Emma and Marlee home, Lexy, Caitlyn, and I hit the super junk store.  It is so much funnier when you can go to the super junk store with someone.  I found some great treasures like an old scrapbook in great condition.  A yellow bread bread pan. A cute friendship plaque.  Purple afghan table runner (using that in the car).  Old barnwood frames.  Corel plates. I was really happy with everything. 

It was a great time being with Lexy and Caitlyn.  I laughed more on Saturday then I did the entire week.  I laughed the most when Lexy was driving us home, especially when we were dropping of Caitlyn. 

After I was dropped off, I grabbed TJ and headed to Parent's house to watch a little TV before I went to babysit Marlee.  While there Dad and I visited for a little bit while playing with TJ outside.  I really enjoyed myself for that hour.  Dad took off for the lecture by Rep Ron Paul and I watched Survivor.  It amazes me what a great player Russell is!!  He has been my favorite Survivor ever!!  If you don't watch it you should.

It was time to go babysit Marlee and what a great time it was!!  She cuddled the entire time!!  She was one tired baby because of the zoo, picnic, and then a birthday party at a park.  She never fussed or cried.  She went down to bed without any issues.  I then got to watch Life Unexpected (thank heavens for TIVO!!).  It was funny because in the opening credits, toward the bottom of the screen, you can see a my comapnys semi/trailer!!  It was pretty funny.  So after Life Unexpected, I was finally able to see the Ugly Truth.  Gerard Butler will be my future husband. 

So I stumble home and fall into bed around midnight.  I took a couple of minutes to actually read the Sunday School lesson that I was to teach the following day.  Again I had to set my alarm because I was going to met Lexy and Chris at Costco at 10am.  I reread the lesson while waiting for Lexy and Chris.  When they finally got there, Marlee was a cuddlebug again!!  I just love the ego boost she gives me!!

Costco was fun and then it was off to Church.  Nothing miraculous there.  After Church, I meet up with Lexy and Chris at Parents house.  We decided to carpool into Boise to meet Caitlyn, Brandon, and Emma to play at Chuck E Cheese.  The food there sucks and we decided we all prefer Pojo's.  But it was a fun time.  After Chuck E Cheese, we all stopped at Toys R Us.  That was fun.  We finally make it home around 8 and I am in bed around 10.  I was TIRED!!  Trying  to keep up with the kids is exhausting work!

Thankfully I can use this evening to recoperate.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Race for the Cure

(Jana, me, Marlee -stroller, Lexy, Mom, Caitlyn, Emma)
Race for the Cure 2009

I am so exited to participate in the Race for the Cure 2010!!  Family and I are once again proud member of Treasure Chest.  Our team capt in Carol.  She is a friend of Mom and I worked with her alot on the campaign.  Carol is a breast cancer survivor for over three years (I think that is the timeline).  This will be by 4th year participating.  Mom has participated for 3 yrs.  Jana, Lexy, and Caitlyn will be their 2nd year.  We have added my 14yr old niece Kaylee to the team as well.  To make it really awesome would be adding my oldest sister Stacey.  We will see if we can browbeat her into participating.  I love the sense of community, support, and connection when you are there.  To see all the pink shirts (survivors) makes you so happy to see them.  It makes you want to cry when you read the tags "I run in remembrance of..."

I really wanted to take TJ this year.  But we are going shopping after, and while walking around to the booths, he would get crushed.  Maybe next year.  I am also excited because this year I have necklaces and braceltes that we can wear every year.  I got them on a great deal...only $2!!  For wearing them once year I thought it was a great deal!!


Please support breast cancer survivor and long time Canyon County Republican Women Carol Mitchell by donating or participating in Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday May 8th.

Early registration is only $20 (Tshirt included). You can register day of the race for $35.

You can chose to participate in 1 mile run/walk or 3.1 mile run/walk.

Click here to donate or become a member of the Treasure Chest team.

Carol Mitchell (captain/in pink) with her family.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have decided to simplify my life.  The game plan:  not caring what others think.  If I don't care what they think, I won't be influenced by their opinions and try to do what they will like.  So what if I got out without makeup.  I just saved myself 10 minutes.  This is way easier said then done but I have already started in small steps and had a huge victory....

I had a friend recently reconnect.  I was so mad about what happened to friendship (friend just dropped off face of the earth).  So friend emailed me.  First reaction was to be nice but I have been letting my "inner" bitch out this year.  I let friend have it.  No apolgizes.  It was so easier to be completely honest and not worry about their feelings.  That sounds really callous but I can't control their emotions to being with so why am I letting the POSSIBLITY of feelings dictate what I do?

So I thought life was going to get even more complicated with a promo at work.  I was wrong.  I was told that if I had better attendence that I would have been given the job hands down. Now I will just go to work sick. Sorry to my coworkers.  I am trying to stay positive and think this only means something better will come along.  Just keeping my fingers crossed I don't have to wait another four years.  Lesson learned.  So life will stay simple at this point.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Woo hoo!! I travel more than I thought!

While on Facebook, I came across this site that lets you pinpoint where you have been.  I have been more places than I thought and some more than once!  Of course this is my entire life (26 years) but I really didn't htink I traveled as much as I have.   So the list above is of my favorite places so far.

Everything in Eurpose was done in my Senior year of high school.  Major bummer only got to spend 10 days there but it was still so amazing!!  I should scan some pictures in if I am feeling ambxious one day.  After Europe, there is New York City.  I went when I was 19 with another friend who was 20.  We spent and amazing week there.  Recommend everyone goes. 

Silver City is were we go when we are 4wheeling.  I love it up there. An old ghost town. Getting there is so much funnier than being there. 

Been to Vegas a couple of times.  Mostly just traveling through but we always spent the night.  Happy to say I will be going back in July to celelbrate my sisters graduation from college.  We are going to be there for 5 days!! PARTY!!

Been to Seattle with family and by myself.  Loved both trips for different reasons.  Great weather (I love the rain) and so pretty.

Newport OR I have been to two times.  First with faimly (same family trip took to Seattle) and then with high school ornithology class.  Preferred first time but love the Oregon Coast!! 

Portland went two times.  First with faimly (same faimly trip took to Seattle and Newport) and then with friend when I was 23 (WOW!! Was that really that long ago?!?).  Preferred the first trip because we did more touristy things. 

Planning on doing so much more traveling.  Hopefully if plans work out, I will be going down to CA to see Sam.  The plan will be to fly down to CA on July 2.  Stay in CA and play with Sam til Wed July 7.  On Wednesday I will fly to Vegas and meet up with sisters/friends.  Stay in Vegas til 7/11 and fly home.  How awesome would that be?  Keep your fingers crossed!

Weekend has started

I never thought Saturday would get here.  I have been training at work and the days seem to drag on because I can't cruise the internet like I normally would.  Bummer.  But the official training class should start on Monday so I will only have the trainee in the afternoons!!  Whew!

Nothing special happeend this week. Just went to work, played with niece/nephews after, and repeated the process.  Thankfully this weekend will be nice and relaxful.  TJ and I started it off right at the dog park.  It was SUPER WINDY so that made it feel really cold.  The sun is shining and it is appoximately 45 degrees but it feels below freezing because of the stupid wind.  But now sitting at home in the recliner the sun feels so good!!  I started picking up the house a litle bit.  Now I can hear the dishwasher, washer, and dryer all running.  It makes it seems like a really productive day.  Now just waiting for the popcorn chicken to finish cooking for lunch.

Last night Catilyn, Emma, and I made a run to Costco.  Suprisingly they had samples at 6pm on a Friday night.  Who knew?!  One sample was for Puree Popcorn Chicken and it was yummy!!  It was like normal popcorn chicken where it is meat mashed together.  You can actually see the grain of the chicken meat in this popcorn chicken.  It was $13 but totally worth it.  I am going to Costco again today with Mom and Dad for giggles.  I really didn't have much going on and that will be dessert.  After Costco it will be a quick trip to Fashion Bug to return some clothes and then to Brandon and Emma's birthday party.  Brandon will be turning 27 and Emma will be turning 3.  They share the birthday of March 14th.  What a birthday present for Brandon huh?  After Emma was born, we had a little cake in the waiting room to celebrate his birthday.  What fun times.

Speaking of fun times, for Brandon I decided his birthday gift will be to be a pooper scopper for a day and clean up the backyard.  I will also brush down Boomer to get rid of the shedding.  The brushing is more of a gift to Caitlyn but they share the dog so it all works out. 

I could really take a nap now.  But I need to go get ready.  I have the screen door cracked a bit and I can occassionally hear the wind chime.  It is a perfect day!  I am jealous of TJ snoozing away on the back of the couch.  If I feel asleep I would get back up for a long time. 

Tomorrow I am excited because Mom is going to teach me how to make pie crusts from scratch.  I figure I will make a cherry pie, pumpking, and banana cream.  Hopefully they will be a success.  I figure the more I learn now the easier it will become so when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, I can a bigger help for Mom. 

I need to start prepping my lesson on Baptism for tomorrow.  UGH!!  Sometimes I hate teaching!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WHY??? OH WHY???

Why is it that when you get a cold, your eyes hurt?  i dont mean sinuses below eye, I mean my actually eyeballs hurt.  Maybe they are dry and I just can't tell.  But this just sucks!!  I didn't get a cold all winter and now with spring I get a cold.  Hopefully it just lasts afew days (good luck with that).  I hate this. What I really hate is when I blow my nose, it is like a floodgate is opened and I have to lean forward for the excess snot to be on the tissue and not just run down my face. 

This cold makes work suck because I can't hear people.  My ears pop if I blow my nose and I can hear for a few minutes but it never lasts long.  Thinking positive this will be over in a few days.  Just in time for the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, I think Mom is going to show me how to make pie crusts.  Pumpkin and Banana Cream are must but maybe I should make a cherry too.  I have never tried cherry.  Hmmm, something to think about.  Wonder if I could make enough to freeze..even more food for thought.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Here is my house

I love my house. It is great. Love the space and location.

This is the view when you first walk in the door. Ok technically your view is a staircase but this is the first room you see.

Here is the view toward front door (standing in front of fireplace)

LOVE the pictures on the entertainment center. When your watching TV family is still the focus!

View from the dining room looking into the living room.

Looking into the dinning room from the living room.

I got the self, the chicken bread book, the yellow pitcher, the red bowl, the white ruffle bowl, the white/red rimmed double boiler, yellow basket, green vase, white plant holder, white/red runner, and all the plates at the super junk store.  I put that entire thing togehter for ... I say max of $6.

Sorry sideways but I love my spice rack.  I painted it myself. The best part is the wires you really can't see that hold the spices in place.  I think it adds such character!

Jana gave me the flowers for Valentines Day and the fruit ceramic for Christmas.  I am so happy the flowers haven't died yet!

And of course the man wall.  I still have 8 concerts to post pictures of and new magazine clippings.  Everyone who sees it has to comment on it.

Bedroom not evern decorated (and I have lived here for over a year!) so no pics.

TJ on Saturday Monring

OK. So the top pic was taken on Friday afternoon. He needs a haircut. I haven't posted pics in ahile because my old beloved p/s Sony was broken. I was going back and forth on whne to get a new one. I was killing time on Craigslist and came across 7.1 MP p/s Nikon S200. Works pretty well. Still loved the Sony and will be keeping ahold of it just in case I ever met a camera repairman who wont charge $100-$150 to fix a camera. So I will be making up for lost time.

Newer pics of TJ. Can't wait for April to get him groomed!

TJ wakes me up at 630 on Saturday morning. Why? I don't know. But I was sleeping on my side and he just comes up and puts his paws on my collar bone and starts to whine. He didn't need the bathroom because we went outside. I layback down trying to get some more sleep butt......

TJ just keeps getting in my face. I was telling him on Friday night that we were goin to dog park on Saturday and I think he is smart enough to realize it was Saturday and he knew were going to be at the dog park for a LONG TIME and he was excited to get going (I know he really not that smart but I like to pretend...it makes a good story :) )

So finally got him to lay beside me for awhile. It only lasted for the shot so needless to say we were up and at 'em pretty early on Saturday.
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