Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have always enjoyed photography but lately it has really become a passion.  I have decided to pursue it further. I am looking into classes/courses to delve deeper into this facisnation I have.

Recently here in the Treasure Valley we have had some AHHHMMMAAAZZZING lightening/thunder shows...with a little rain sprinkled in.  I have been fiddling with the setting on Dad's Nikon D50.  I am in love.  Now I just need to get one of my own.  Which I should receive in 5 years.  Now I need to focus on school and saving for a house.   Just click on the picture to enlarge.

Taken on June 23 or 24th

Taken on June 28th

Taken on June 28th

God & Country Rally fireworks on June 29th

Anyone else see palm trees and dandilions in these? God & Country Rally fireworks on June 29th

God & Country Rally fireworks on June 29th


On June 13-17, I was able to go to Atlanta GA.  Yes it was to visit our corporate offices and I didn't get any 'touristy' stuff done but that is ok.  What I saw I enjoyed and I had a blast!  Escpecially because it only cost me $40 for the entire week.  That is right.  The job picked up all the expenses and it was amazing.  I understand work so much more and have a deeper appreciation for what others do in the company.  I also realized that I don't work.  The drivers and dock workers work.  I goof around all day (well compared to what they do my job is easy-smeezey).

I flew out of Boise at 630 on Monday.  Dad was a gem and drover me to the airport.  I nearly missed it all because I couldn't find my drivers liscence.  But thankfully all was found and we made it to the airport at 545.

Monday we (my co worker and boss who also went) didn't go to the office.  We had dinner at an AH-mazing resturant called Mojitos' in Norcross GA.  It served Cuban food and the chicken I had was divien.  We each got a dessert and shared.  The rice pudding was ok.  The flan was good.  But my mango pie was perfect!!  OH SO YUMMY!!. 

After dinner, it was sleep and then breakfast at the hotel. Then it was off to the corporate offices to see how the other half lived.  The area our offices are located at is RITZY!! It has the vibe of Harrison St in Boise but you can't see anything because there are so many trees!!  It was so different from Boise.  Boise you can see for miles but there trees surround all the roads so you can't. 

THe offices were fun.  We took the tour, met the big wigs, and shadowed some other types of respresentatives.  We had lunch at Fresh to Order with a supervisor and team leader of customer servcie from the corporate offices.  The girls were so nice and funny.  I wish all my lunches could be so fun. :)

Well after lunch back to work but we left early because we needed to get ready for the Braves game.  We ran back to the hotel to change into shorts and flip flops.  Our department director was nice enough to come to the game with us.  It was kinda intimidating because he rarely smiled while he has been in Boise and I don't know him so that automactically makes me shy.  But everythign turned out great.  He is a nice guy and seeing him in flip flops made me relax.

We had dinner at The Varsity prior to the game.  It is an old drive in dinner and had a great vibe to it. The food was ok.  I would go back just because it was fun to be there.
Atlanta Capital Bldg has a guilded dome and on top sits Miss Freedom.
We made to the Turner Field home of the Atlanta Braves.  We actually parked where the old staduim used to be.  We made it a couple hours early but it was fun to meander and people watch.

We were told by an usher to go to the top of the stadium because there are some interactive games and triva.  It was pretty awesome.  Plus it gave a great view of the field.  This is me before the game began.  I was with three guys and figured they didn't want to come back up during so now was better then never.
Left is the guys getting their beverages.
Right is me, my manager, and my coworker in gaint Coke chairs.
Coke reigns supreme down there because that is the were they corporate headquaters are at.  I only got Dr Pepper in the airport on the way home.  I was going through withdrawls.
Below are the random pictures of the game:
They celebrated Ronlad Reagans 100th Birthday.
View of downtown Atlanta from top tier.
Edges of the seats in cast iron.
Local school kids singing national anthem.

Notice the Tomahawk.  When they were down or needed to rally, it would start at the top and go down until the Braves sign was lit.

When the Tomahawk was going down, on the sides another tomahawk would appear on the TV screens imitating the chopping motion as well.
And while the tomahawk was on the TV/illuminated, the fans would use their arms to similate the choppping motion as well. They would also chant a chorus of "OHs".  It was funny  to see.
Cant remember who was batting but thought it was fun I was able to captured them in motion.

These are pictures prior to the game begining.  They needed to prep the field and it took FOREVER!!
Bottom right is the stadium sign illuminated.

Random pictures of the game.  Braves lost to the NY Mets 5-4.  Only 1 home run was hit.  It was close game toward the end but they weren't able to rally.  OH well.  The amazing game was on Thursday when there was a rain delay and they went to 11 inning before the Braves won.

Wednesday was spend in the office in the morning and then at the terminal in the afternoon.  The terminal was a real eye opener.  It was hot, sweaty, loud.  You had a great responsiblity to do everything correct and quickly. 

While we were at the terminal a storm was brewing outside and as we were leaving it the lights were cued.  HUGE bolts of lightening were coming out to the sky!! Fairly often and consistantly.  I just had my point and shoot so no pictures of the lightening but I did get a picture (or 2) of the grass fire a struck caused. 

We were at the end of the driveway (to the terminal) waiting for our turn to go when we noticed the smoke and then the fire!! I couldn't believe it!! This happened within a quater of a mile of where we were parked at the terminal.

We went back to Norcross to have dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Unfortunately the power was out.  It was beautiful after the run.  The sidewalks were clear and the train depot was lovely.

These are random shots of me  :)
We flew home on Friday.  We went to the office for a little bit because our flight didn't leave until 2.  We left office at 1045.  Checked out of the hotel at 1130.  Turned in the rental at 1230.  I was SUPER NERVOUS because we still had to check in, check bags, and go through security.  It was tight and we only made it to the gate in time because we were diverted to a security gate that just opened.

We took off and headed south instead of northwest.  We had to fly inbetween two storms.  According to the little map we ended up close to the Flordia panhandle.  It was a little bumpy the first hour.  The 2nd and 3rd were occupied by up/down back/forth of the couple next to me trying to take care of their kids. It was tolerable.  But the landing was kinda bumpy into Salt Lake.  Our layover was consummed by the diversion.  We had 30 mintues til our other flight took off. I booked it to the bathroom because my chicken sandwich lunch needed to make a reapperance.  At least it was in the bathroom and not on the plane :)

Once loaded on the plane and getting ready for push back, my coworker says "Isn't that Chris?" (Our other coworker had been in Scotland for 2 weeks).  Funny enough it was!!  She was coming home from Scotland!  She was super embarassed when coworker says: "Aren't you supposed to be in Europe?"  She didn't have any make up or usual nice clothes.  Her facial reaction and "OH MY!" was classic.

We finally made it to Boise and my parents picked me up.  It was a fun time but I was ready to be home. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane..I know when I'll be back again.

I will be leaving on a jet plane to Atlanta GA to spend a week...ALL EXPENSES PAID!!  I won a competition at work UBER EXCITED!!  I will be flying out in 6.5 hrs!!  I should be sleeping because I should be up in 5 hrs but I am too excited to sleep.  Plus I can take a nap on the 4 hr flight from SLC to ATL. 

Monday, June 6, 2011


Not sure where to begin.  I am in a funk.  I don't like funks.  A couple things put me in a funk.

1.  I didn't start class.  I really wanted to start classes this week.  But I am going to miss 2 classes because of going to Atlanta.  The English professor said the highest grade I could receive is a B.  Even if I earned a 100% on all class work just because I missed the 2nd class (instead of the approved 1), B is the best I could get. I am not going to pay money just to get a B. So slight dissapointment that I have to wait.  I am trying to stay positive by thinking "Good things come to those who wait".....which is a perfect segue..

2. Good things aren't good things I am talking a love life. Over the weekend, the majority of the family went to dinner (Thank you buy one get one free)...So what happens when you buy one but don't have a get one?  You get left out. Not intentionally...just happens.  It sucks. It really really sucks.  It is public humilition...I have waited and waited and waited.  While there have been little blips on the heart monitor, it has been pretty flatline for a long time. 

3. There are smaller reasons (work sucks, wish I had an SUV, etc).

I am trying to pull myself out of the funk.  It is hard to do.  So I will plug along and keep a just keep focus on Atlanta.  Which is coming up in less than a week!!  This time next Monday I will be in the eastern time zone. It will be work focused but still it is a place I have never been more and excited to see what can happen.


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