Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Pictures

When I get home tonight, I will upload pictures from the month.  There will be little explantion.  Just FYI

Crazy times...

July has been one crazy time.  Las Vegas was a blast (see previous post).  On July 12th (the Monday after Vegas) was Wyatts birthday.  I was able to get the afternoon off from work and ended up going to Chuck E Cheese with Jana, Wyatt, Mom, Emma, Lexy, Marlee, and Chris.  It as a fun time. 

I work the rest of the week and left work early on Friday to go to Grandma Dalley's 90th Birthday Party.  I rode with Lexy, Marlee, and TJ.  Lexy packed like it was the end of the world.  We made it in good time.  We stopped in Idaho Falls so Marlee could walk around for a little while and we got dinner at Scotty's.  Both Lexy and I ordered vanilla Pepsis.  We get the orders to go so we can get Marlee out of the car as soon as possible.  Neither Lexy and I take a drink until we are on the freeway.  I take a swig and my socks come off.  I might as well been drinking straight from the vanilla bottle.  WAY WAY WAY STRONG!!  Lexy's was the same way.  I was really dissappointed.

We finally make it to Uncle Dennis' house in Rexburg and are able to unload.  Dad, Caitlyn, Emma, and Mom drove over earlier.  Because there wasn' enough room for everyone, only Dad was going to stay with Gma for the night.  He left Rexburg in my car and the rest would meet him up in Driggs Saturday morning.

Because my uncle has an inside cat, TJ and I had to sleep in the van.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Saturday morning we got up bright and early so we can eat and get on the road.  Rexburg to Drigss is appx 1 hr.  We make it to Drigss around 1130.  That means we have 90 minutes to set up because the open house starts at 1pm.  Dad and I get the slideshow going, punch gets made, cake cut up, chairs set out.

It was amazing how much family arrived.  It was pretty solid from 1-4pm.  It was nice to talk to cousin I knew about but didn't know. 

Us girls head back to Rexburg about 7pm that night after visiting and dinner.  Dad is meeting us Sunday morning to head home.

Sunday morning we hit the road and make it safe and sound.  I saw a wildwire somewhere between Pocetello and Twin Falls.  It was pretty amazing.

After that trip, I head back to work on July 19th.  I work til Thursday and Friday I had off.  I originally thought Gmas birthday was on the 27th (when it really is on the 18th) so I planned to be in Driggs the 23-26th.  So instead of Driggs, I head up camping with TJ, Jana, Wyatt, Beth's family (5 kids, 1 huband, 2 dogs) and Gina's family (1 husband, 4 kids, and 2 dogs).  It was a fun but a diaster.

Origianlly Beth and her family were to go up early on Friday to get a camping spot and then the rest of us would follow that afternoon.  Unfortunatly, they didn't make it up there so they were going to follow us.  Jana and I planned on leaving around 4pm.  Because we waited for them, we weren't on the road til 6.  We make it up to Cascade around 830.  We head to Horsethief reseviour camp sites.  EVERYWHERE is full.  So we drive on hoping to find somewhere to pull over and camp. 

We end up climbing this rutted, tiny, windy road. It is something that Dad and I would usually be riding a 4wheeler on.  I was really nervous but was victorious.  We finally make it down the other side and find another road.  We take that for a few miles but find out the road is closed for repairs.  UGH!!  It is now 10pm!!  I am beyond annoyed.  Beth and Tim wanted to head back the way we came and I flat refused.  Driving up the crazy road in the night with cranky kids is not my idea of a good time.  I say we just camp by side of road for night and get up in am and move on.

That is what we did.  I had a dinner of a poppy seed muffin and instead of setting up/tearing down tent, TJ and I just slept in the truck.  It was pretty awful.  We get up on Saturday and head back up the mountain. We were driving through a campsite when we saw a family leaving.  It was a nice site.  Enough room for the 4 tents we had and for the 5 dogs. 

Saturday had some gliches but over all it was nice becasue I got to sit and read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  I wanted to finish it but oh well.  We came home Sunday.  I had Monday off.  I use Monday to clean all the camping gear we borrowed from the parents.

Back to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and today.  I am off again tomorrow!!  WOOHOO!!  I am leaving with Dad tomorrow morning to go camping.  We are headed to a secret location to go check huckleberries.  Cant wait for great camping and riding the four wheeler!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!

So I survived Vegas. I had a great time. With so many girls (19 of us) there were to be issues and problems. Oh well...we mostly ignored those girls. Because it was such an exciting time, I will let the pictures do most of the talking but here are the highlights:

1st Day
RIDING IN A LIMO FOR THE FIRST TIME!! It was HUGE!! I could stand up with no problem.

Winnging $101.46 on my first day. I actually won $60 becasue I had put in $40.

Getting my picture taken with Elvis (impersonater) and Las Vegas sign (impersonater).

making new friends (Teresa, Jennifer, Julie, Kim, and Cassie)

2nd Day
finding Survivor slot machine

Visiting Sam!!

learning to love the flat iron!!

Getting hit on by guy at Moon nightclub/Ghost Bar at the Palms.

Getting into Moon/Ghost Bar for free with VIP! Thanks to an awesome limo driver!!

3rd day
still loving the flat iron!!

having an In-n-Out burger

Seeing Molly & her daughter Hailey

great shopping

having picture takend with real Las Vegas sign

looking super hot that night!!

getting picture taken with 2 random guys

having great time chilling/laughing with 4 great girls from Oregon

4th day
going to NY NY

going up in Eifel Tower

getting Eifel Tower drink/souveniger

getting tickets to hypnotist for $5!!

getting hypnotised!!

getting b1g1 free drinks from stripper bar

staying out til 3am!!

5th day
being able to wake up after 2 1/2 hrs sleep

getting to the airport on time (actually being UBER early)

not vomiting on the plane and even falling asleep

surviving the delay/lay over in Reno

having TJ meet me at the airport

Mom rubbing my feet

not getting enough sleep
rooming with 2 wetblankets
not doing 1/2 of what I wanted to (not enought hrs in day)
feet hurting
deleting 20 pictures from Saturday morning
not coming home a millionare


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