Sunday, February 28, 2010


I havea few thoughts running around in my head so I thought it best to write them down.

Spring is here.  Yesterday it was over cast and gloomy.  Today is sun is shinning and I really don't want to go to Church.  I want to be outside in the sunshine. Playing at the park.  With my niece and nephews and my dog.  Having a picnic lunch.  Not inside teaching.  Oh well.  I guess that is what an adult is being about...doing things you just don't want to do.  I hear birds chirpping as I sitting here listening to Jim Brickman and TJ snoring. 

I am enjoying the sun keeping me warm.  With the slight breeze coming through the window.  I am really fond of spring right now.  I wish we had more snow but this is nice too.

It is also nice because I cleaned my house yesterday.  The floors are swept and vaccuumed.  The table tops are dusted.  Kitchen sparkles.  It smells lovely.  I will have to post pictures.

In addition to those lovely feelings, I have a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in myself.  I made bread again yesterday.  I think I finally got it down so I can make it at home instead of always asking Mom for help.  It tastes so yummy.  Lexy brought soup over yesterday.  To have homemade soup and hot bread was divine!!  Lexy then commented on breakfast we had as kids. It was toast that we would dunk in our chocolate milk.  I hadn't tried that in forever!!  So I tried it today.  It was just as good as I remember.  It doens't tastes the same using boughten bread.  Doesn't have the substance that homemade does.

Also..speaking of yummy things...we had scones last night.  It is were we take some of the bread down and fry it in some oil in the cast iron skillet.  That is yummy too!  Top it with raspberry huckleberry jam and life is perfect at that moment. 

I am also proud of myself becasue I successful installed my printed on my laptop.  It was giving me fits but thankfully I was able to resolve them.  First print job was my lesson for Church today that I just read and wrote this am.

Wish I was in the middle of the field watching the clouds, or taking a nap, or having a picnic or so many other things.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day!

What a wonderful day Friday was.  I took a vacation day and had a wonderful time playing around.

I got to sleep in til 915am which was amazing.  Bad thing was I needed to be to Cailtyn's house by 930 so we could go shopping.  Shopping is a great motivator so I was only 10 minutes late. 

We went to the super junk store.  It was amazing.  Caitlyn found an actual Louis Vutton buffle bag!!  Consider this, our entire cart was $13.  If you broke it down, I am sure she only spent $0.75 at most on it!!  We had Wyatt and Emma with us who thought they were in heaven.

After the junk store, we headed to the outlet mall to meet Dad/Grandpa for lunch at Idaho Pizza.  Idaho Pizza has am amazing buffet of pizza and salad.  After an uneventful lunch, it was time to hit the VF (Vanity Fair) outlet.  I got an adorable gray sweater ($8), Seahawk tshirt for Dad's birthday ($10), new pair of jeans ($12), and a white button up ($4).  It was pretty awesome!!

Kids were ready to play so we went to the park.  It was such a nice day with blue skies and an occassional breeze.  If I had a blanket, I would have curled up in the sun and taken a nap.  After running around for a while, we went to Fred Meyer's to check out the 60% off lowest marked price.

At Fred' I got a purse for only $2!!  Wooo hoo for clearance!!  I got another purse for $15.  Body pillow for $7 and a couple other things. 

After Fred's I contiue to shop around the mall and get new flower ring for only $2!!  I will post pic soon because it is so gdang cute!  Plus new sweats and brown cardigan.  I spent a total of $11 on the ring, sweats, and cardigan!!  Got to love clearance!!

I finally head home to let TJ escape from the house.  I intended t o stop by the dog park for just a few minutes but ended up staying an hour.  TJ was having fun playing with two labradoodles. 

After the dog park, watching TV at parents, I finally hit the sack around 10 so I can get up Saturday to go FOUR WHEELING!!  I was super excited.
Saturday rolls around and I drag myself out of bed around 7.  i wanted to get to the mountain ASAP.  I make it to paren't house around 8.  I made lunch of tuna fish and breakfast of egg/cheese sandwhichs and we are on the road at 830.  We park and are on the  trail by 930.  We just followed the main road up to Silver City because we only have 1 ATV with tracks on them and 1 ATV with tires.  No major playing in the snow this trip.  There was one spot where the drift was too big to over over and blocking the main road. 

Thankfully Dad found a trail that I could make it up (I on the machine with no tracks).  I was concerned that I was going to get stuck...but I didn't!!  YIPPEE!!  We make it to Silver City around 11.  Normally this would take half the day itself but that usually includes playing in the snow and more trails but oh well.  We were taking the trail to Jordan Valley when we came across another ATV with tracks. 

I was stopped at the top of the hill and Dad and ther other riders were at the bottom.  After a few minutes, I decided to join the group.  As I am approaching I hear a rider 1 say "Don't tell her I said that!" and rider 2 responds "A buddy can be a girl."  Dad says rider 1 asked if the red ATV (me) was his buddy.  Dad responds "That is my daughter." and you know the rest of the story.  Really can't blame ridger 1 because my hair was under a hate, scraf around my face, and every other person up there was a boy.  Typically, I was the only girl (that we knew of).

Dad and I continue with our ride.  Up in Silver City, it was snowing and there was a couple of feet of snow.  By 1pm, we were down in the canyon, playin in the desert and it was probably 40 degrees.  Idaho is so weird.

While Dad and I were riding, we across a group of deer.  Not just a couple of deer...but at least 40 deer!! 40!!  It was crazy! So Dad and I driver futher and we come across ANOTHER group of 40 deer!!  So we continue along our way.  As we are headed back to the truck, we saw the two group together!!  I have never seen so many deer!!  It was amazing!!

Dad and I leave around 4.  We start driving and Dad stops.  He says get out and come here.  I head to the back of the trailer but he wasn't there.  I turn around and he is climibing into the passanger seat.  WOO HOO!!  It is time to learn how to drive a trailer! So I climb in and the lessons begins.  It isn't as bad as I thoguht.  Of course only going 50 in 65 helped calm my nerves.  Dad and I even tried back up the trailer in a church parking.  Yes it took me 10 minutes but I got it between the lines!!  With more practice, I can drive the boat up to the lake.  Dad will still have to back it up there but hopefully this means more trips to the lake!!
Sunday was an ok day.  It started out with getting up at 9am becasue mom and Caitlyn called.  Mom was making homemade biscuits and gravey.  After breakfast and a little play time with the kids, Jana, Wyatt, and I head to a flea markte.  It realy wasn't that great. 

After the flea market, I take Emma back to her house.  Caitlyn had to work and Brandon was coming home from Jackpot.  Emma didn't take a nap, so we ended up going to see Plant 51.  Emma and Wyatt did really good at staying quite and sitted.

Once the movie was finished, we troop over to Fashion Bug becasue they had a sign that said "EVERYTHING $10".  Well  that was too goo to be true.  If you purchased something at regular price, you could get a 2nd item for only $10.  Thankfully there were running 40% lowest marked price.  Because we were in a hurry (they closed in 15 minutes and parents waiting with dinner), I purchased what I liked and would take them home to try them one and return what didn't work.  I tried on two of the three pants.  WOW!!  Their average is really short.  They were such high waters!!  They tall was nearly perfect but a little shorter than what I expected.  So 2 of the 6 I purchased would be going back. That means I got 3 shirts and 1 pant for only $25!!  Not bad at all!

After Fashion Bug, Emma and I get dropped off at Emma's house.  Brandon is now home so I leave Emma with her dad and I head over to my parent's house.  I originally thought about making breat but that will have to wait til next Saturday.

Once dinner of roast of consumed, and tv watched, I left my parent's house early.  I left at 945!!  I normally start getting ready to leave around 10 but something happen and I am walking out the door at 1030 so 945 is weird. 
All in all it was a great weekend.  I wish today was following suit.  People are just not listening and I am repeatign myself like 20x!!  GRR!! It is aggravating!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Til The Last Shots Fired...

See lyrics here.  Thank you Mom for reminding me of this song.  No words can describe how it makes me feel.  I will post more tomorrow

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a FEELING!!

At first I was dreading tonight.  I didn't have anything to do.  No child to watch, no meeting to be at, no shopping to do.  I did have one appointment but I was done by 530 and made it home by 600 so that is still ok.  But I did much of nothing.  I had dinner and watched the news.  I played with TJ and got online.  I finished my parents Valentine and played with TJ.  I watched a little TV and now I am supposed to be working on my lesson but was distracted by facebook. 

But TJ is sleeping at my feet.  Thank heavens for Pandora because I have found a new artist. Well not just found but developing a better apprecaition for his music.  Jim Brickman (and other artists on the radio station).  What talent.  The piano will always put you in the right frame of mind for planning a lesson.  His music is just lovely!!  Anyhoo..I am propped up in bed, kickikng myself for not sleeping.  Dad is calling me at 530am to get me out of bed so I can start working out.  I just can't get out of bed by myself.  No matter where I set the alarm I still just hit snooze and fall back into bed.  But hopefully with Dad's help the next couple of weeks, I can eventually do it on my own. 

But I just have peace in my heart now.  I am worried about a few things but nothing drastic.  I would be REALLY worried if I didn't worry of something.  But yesterday I had a great experience.  I was babysitting Wyatt.  We were sitting down to have dinner.  I started to say the prayer.  I admit I am laxadaysical (spelling wrong but who cares...if you care, you need a life more than I do)...but as I was saying.  I am not big of prayer prayers.  Most my prayers are like conversations in my head. I start talking and act like I am talking to my earthly Dad.  I know I need to be more formal in my personal prayers but my philosphy is as long as it is sincere, there are many ways to pray.

But back to dinner prayer.  I was just falling into the normal "food" prayer (thank you for the food, bless hands prepare, give us strenght, etc etc).  I started off with expressing gratitude for the weather and the things we have.  During those moments while I was talking out loud, I felt such  warmth spread through me.  I know it was the Holy Ghost testifying to me that They (Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ) truly care what I think and how I am feeling.  HF and JC were expressing....their thanks for my thanks if that makes any sense.  But I nearly cried at the table. 

What comfort it is to know that we are being listened too!!  What a feeling of LOVE!! A new resolve is to go about life with this feeling continuously. (insert random thought...with new editor/posting options there is no spell check. wonder when they will get that added).  With the holiday of love approaching we are always looking to the love we express on this earth. Have we ever considered the ultimate declaration of love?  That Jesus suffered in Gethsemane and hung on the cross because He loved us so?  I know I am completely guilty of being self centered and throwing pity parties for not having a "valentine".  I know that no "valentine" would ever being willing to sacrifice anything close to what the Savior suffered.  Also think of what Heavenly Father had to bear.  Seeing His son bleed from every pore.  BTW for us mortals to bleed from one pore...wrap a string around the joint of a finger.  See if it turns blue.  You will pass out because of the pain before you see a single drop of blood.  That is how much pain He suffered.  Could you stand by and watch your child suffer?  And when Christ was hanging on the cross?  How could you not have rushed to intervine?  I doubt that there is a place in the universe where Heavenly Father could go to avoid seeing/hearing those events.

But HF and JC knew it had to happen.  Somone needed to atone for the sins, pain, guilt, suffereing, anger, lonliness, and heartache that would be felt in this world.  I recently realized that Jesus didnt just suffere for my sins.  He also bore the heartache, the physical afflicitions and impurities, the anger, loniless, pride, and desolation that we feel.  He suffered ALL!!    Because He suffered we will be able to live with him.  I think of the song by Mercy Me I Can Only Imagine..

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side
I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine
Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in honour of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine
I can only imagine
When that day comes
When I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you

I love that song.  I think it is the most accurate description how what I will be thinking/doing/saying at the time of the 2nd Coming.  I can only imagine what a happy day that will be.  It is scary to think sometimes we may get caught unaware.  There are the little things we didn't prepare for.  The pride, greed, little daily sins we have let fall by the wayside.  Being impatient with our children and families.  Not loving our enemy (or customers because I really hate our customers right now...hello if I could control the weather there would never be any snow on any road in the United States)..BUT as long as we try to do our best and prepare the best we can, Christ has allowed away for us to return to Heavenly Father.  We just need to make sure the Atonement plays and active roll in our lives.  I know I have let so many things prevent me from using the Atonement as it was truly designed to be used but no more.  I will be better at it.  I will be so blessed by it. We are all blessed by the Atonement and should be ever thankful for the oppurtunity to use it.  I love my Heavenly Father and my older brother Jesus Christ.  I am so appreciative of the plan that has been designed so I can return to live with them in glory.  I am excited for that day (not that I am going to die soon but think about it.  How can you not be excited to see Them and to have a perfect knowledge and to know you will live eternally?  It is an exciting even if you think about it!!)

PS when I say we..I mean me.  I am only speaking for myself and if you get something from this, that makes me feel wonderful.  But I am just putting it out there as a reminder to myself and to keep a rememberence of these thoughts and feelings. Links to lyrics  link to youtube video


So here is the final product for family wall at the parent's house.  I hope that the more pictures there are, you are distracted from looking at one too long. Can you believe it was the hardests to select the picture of TJ?  There were so many but I thought that one was the best one to see his cute little face and being his silly self.  BTW his birthday is on Sunday!!


What a pleasant weekend.  It didn't start off that great but ended better than expected. 

Friday was pretty easy after work.  Immediately afterwork, I went to babysit Emma.  Caitlyn had to go into work and Brandon was in Twin Falls working.  I sped to Caitlyn's (I didn't even stop to get TJ that is how big of a rush I was in). 

Once I arrived to Caitlyn's, I packed Emma and Wyatt into the double stroller.  We were going to pick up TJ so he wouldn't be in the house ALL DAY.  Let me tell you what.  Two toddlers and a big stroller weigh a TON!!.  I live 1 mile away.  I forogt that in the end there is a steep hill.  Pushing  those kids up that MOUNTAIN was nearly a killer.  Ok I am exaggerating but at the time it was awful.  There is no sidewalk to it is rough gravel and uneven.

But we made it and let TJ escape prison.  The walk back was much easier.  Very proud that I walked the 2 miles in 30 minutes!!  After Caitlyn came home, I had to go out to parents house because I left my sweater at their house.  My sweater had my drivers liscence in it.  Parents house is always great because of BACK RUBS!!  Plus they have Project Runway on the Tivo. 

I finally left parents at 11pm.  Parents got free rooms in Jackpot for the Superbowl so they were leavign the following morning.  TJ and I headed home to bed.

Saturday morning was cleaning and laundary. I think matching socks is the worst and could be considered a form of torture.  After an hour of cleaning the house was pretty much done.  I still need to sweep and vaccum but that is pretty much it.  Except for craft room.  That is a disaster with so my project in different stages of completion.  But that is the project for Saturday.

After cleaning, it was reward time and off to Costco with Lexy and Chris.  What a trip.  They had all the treats out trying to tempt you to buy.  I only needed a few things: toliet paper, dog treats, grapefruit, and Propel.  I leave with three.  I forgot TJ's treats!!  I am completely out at home too.  I need to run to the Dollar Store on lunch to grab a few to last the week.

After Coscto we went to TGI Friday's for lunch.  I got the BBQ Chicken Wrap.  It wasn't that good.  As soon as I finished lunch, I ran over to Caitlyn's house again.  Brandon was still out of town working and Caitlyn needed to go to work.  Saturday was pretty easy day.  Emma slept most of time I was there.  When she woke up, Brandon had just arrived home so I went home and played with TJ (and tidied my car).

Sunday morning I had every intention of going to a Church.  I am planning on leaving the singles ward (more in another post later) and start attending a family ward.  But I slept in. New ward would start at 9 and I woke up at 1030.  Singles ward starts at 11.  TJ and I still had to go to parents house to get newspaper, set up superbowl to record, and a few other errands so I skipped Church.

After the errands, I finally ended up at Lexy's house around 130.  I had to watch the beloved Supernatural and Life Unexpected.  I somehow already saw Life Unexpected so we had a few hours to kill for the Superbowl.  We ended up watching Hoarders on A&E.  It is not hoarding.  Those are just too lazy to take out the trash!!  But it was awful!!  In each house they found DEAD ANIMALS that had be FLATTENED because of the weight on top of them!!  AWFUL!!

Thankfully Chris woke up and he couldn't handle it (it is like a train just cant look away!) because he is such a neat freak so we had to switch channels and a few minutes later the superbowl came on.  My favorite commericals were suprisingly from Doritos.  I am partial to the dog collar/speak.  I will post a link later. 

Jana and Wyatt ended up stopping by.  Lexy made THE BEST BURGER EVER!!  I am serious.  I don't know what she did but the bacon-cheese-bbq sauce-sauteed onion-tomato-toasted bun-hamburger was the best!!  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

After the game was over, it was time to go to bed. 

Monday came all too quickly.  Thankfully it was over quickly too.  I don't know if it was just because I had so much to do or what but the afternoon evening just flew by!!  After work, it was a race home to pick up TJ and the car seat and get to WinCo.  I was meeting Jana to go grocery shopping and to pick up Wyatt.  Jana cleans her pastor's home for additional income and she needed to get it done.

After a great grocery shopping trip, it was run to the dog park.  Without fail, Wyatt always need to use the restroom while we are there.  I broke the rules and left TJ unattended while we raced to the porta potty.  After the dog park, it was off to Jana's house to finish out the evening. 

Jana got home and I headed to my parents house.  A back rub was over due. I love the ritual/tradition Mom and I have established.  It is a great bonding time and a relaxing time.

Another piece of random exciting news...DAD GOT ANOTHER 4 WHEELER!!  WOOHOO!! Maybe I will get to go sometime this summer!!  It is a 2007 Suzuki Kingquad 700 in red!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Canyon County Republican Women

I have been working on a project for Mom.  It is a website for Canyon County Republican Women.  We only paid $10 for the domain name and I have been able to do everything else for free!! Check it out at!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month of Love....

Normally I dread February.  It is the month that everyone focuses on their significatn other.  You see the sappy commericals on TV of those who are blissfully in love. 

(grrrr..just to insert a note here...I am at work.  I just recieved a call from a coworker trying to get in contact with our payroll department. This is the converstaions:
Me- Is there someone in particular you need in payroll?
Her-Whoever handles linehaul.
Me-What about linehaul?  Does he have a dispute on pay, missing miles, what?
Her-It is about benefits.
Me-Ok.  Lou handles the insurance deductions for linehaul..let me se..
Her- It isn't about insurance.
Me- I am sorry.  I thought you said it was about benefits. 
Her- No. It is about linehaul.
(she had such attitude so of course my attitude kicked in)
Me-Ok.  WHAT about linehaul?
Her- ABOUT HIS PAY!  Isn't that what PAYROLL is?
Me-Ma'am.  I know what PAYROLL is. Do you KNOW WHAT IT IS ABOUT?  There people who handle different things.  I can get you to someone who handles hourly employees but they couldn't help you.  WHAT ABOUT HIS PAYROLL DO YOU NEED HELP WITH?
Me- Thank you.  I know who to transfer you to.
(I put her on hold and transferred to voicemail even though she didn't want it. anyhow...

Blissfully in love in commercials is where we were....

I would love to see the commerical of a reality.  Where the husband comes home from work tired, the wife starts in on him about wiping his feet, the kids demand attention, the dishwasher breaks midcycle, and realizing you are out of milk.  But at the end of the commerical, after the kids are in bed, milk in the fridge after a quick trip to the gas station, and the wife is sweeping up the dirt from her husbands shoes.  While she is sweeping the husband is trying to fix the dishwasher.  During this time they are actually talking to each other.  They are discussing how to make the dishwasher survive until next pay check. How silly billy was at the table and how well he doing in school.  TALKING to each other.  That is was I am wanting.  Not a perfect life.  But companion to lean on when life is begining to overwhelm me.  Someone to talk to about the cute thing billy did and how big he is getting.  Wanting someone to fight with.  I know that there will be fights.  But I know how important it is to actually talk to him.  Not talk down to him.  I also have learned not to be overly sensative to what they would be saying.  I don't think I have great expectations but it seems kinda hard to find someone to fit the bill. 

But I am also learning what I don't want.  I don't want someone who is too sensative to take suggetions (like don't blow up at me when I remind him to put eggs on the grocery list if he used the last one).  I don't want a neat freak who seems more concerned over the clean floor than playing with our child.  I don't wants someone who can't make a decision.  I am already indecisive so if there were two of us nothing would get down.  I don't want a BSer, someone who talks game but rarely delivers. 

I am actually ok with being single now.  I have the love of family and will have a great date on Saturday night.  I am taking my sister to Olive Garden and they will be my Valentine.  I think I will take Mom and Dad out on Friday after as well.  Being single doesn't mean I don't have a means I have too many!!


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