Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama or Osama

I was just typing an email in Microsoft Outlook this afternoon and this si what spell check came up with.

It seems appropriate because they both seem to want the same thing....

the destruction of America.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not much...

Not much has happened last week.  Just working and then hanging out at mom and Dads. 

On Wednesday, I hosted a little Halloween Party for family.
My neighbor girl Brehdi (pronounced Brady) really wanted to go to my parents house.  to make sure she had fun, I invited everyone to parents for dinner and to paint pumpkins and play.  It was a fun time.  Chris made this awesome skull cake!  Brehdi had a great time which is what really matters.

The rest of the week was full of getting ready for Jana's reception on Saturday in Fairfield.  Salad making seems like it should be a simple process but it is much more time consuming than you think.

Saturday was a fun time.  Funnier than expected anyway.  My hair looked REALLY good which always makes that day a great day!! :-) So I get to Fairfield and help set up, which included finalizing the play list.  We just used my laptop and Lexy's computer speakers.  By the way, her speakers worked awesome so now when Mom has parades or functions, I think we will have a set up just through the family!!  WOOHOO!!

The reception went off without hitch and the food was delicious.  I will post pictures soon..(I am just at work and don't have access to parents Picasa). 

Monday, October 11, 2010


SUNDAY 10/10/10

Sunday was spent at parents house making bread and vegging out. 

Lexy, Marlee, Caitlyn, Emma, Jana, and Wyatt came over to visit as well.  Wyatt brought downall four stuffed bears and lined them up on the couch to watch TV.  He was sitting there next to them and then Emma joined the party.  What a bunch of hams!!

I made bread.  I am nearly done with a 101 goals (making bread 6x in a year). 
I have 3 down and just three more to go.

SATURDAY 10/9/10

Saturday was an eventful day.  After only 4.5 hours of sleep, it was up and at 'em bright and early.  The RNC (Repblican National Committee) has a tour bus going around the nation drumming up support for local candidates.  The theme is Fire Pelosi!.  Saturday at 1030, it was schedule to stop at the Canyon County Repbulican Headquaters in Nampa.  Mom of course was going and I went along too. The rally was also in support of Republican candidate for Idaho's 1st Congressional District Raul Labrador.

I must say that if people want to get elected, they should hire the Linsenmann clan to be their campaign manager.  The rally was held 1 block away from one of the busiest road is Caldwell.  You  think they woudl have people on the corners waving signs trying to drum up more people and support.  But there werent.  Mom was able to get her Republican elephant flag back.  So she went and stood on the corner waving the flag in anticipation of the bus arrival.

My mom rocks!!  She was the first to greet the bus as it approached the rally.  WOOHOO for her!!

After the rally it was a rush to get things together to go tailgating at BSU Stadium.  My friend Kara invited me.  It was a blast!! I wish I didn't stay out so late on Friday night because I was just drained on Saturdya and couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked. 

It was a weird feeling because there is a delay on the tv.  I could hear the crowd in the stadium cheering or booing and have no idea what they were celebrating.  It was driving me nuts!! 

I left at half time with every intention of picking up TJ from my parents, and going home to bed.  Well Dad and I started talking and I ended up staying for the 4th quater.  I was tired!! 

LOVELY: perfect fall weather
HORRIBLE: ready for a namp at 10am.

FRIDAY 10/8/10

to be added later..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday Caitlyn, Emma, Marlee and I went to the pumpkin patch.  Linder Farms is a rip off.  Never go.  instead of leaving, Caitlyn and I each forked over the $3 to go into the pumpkin patch to then pay for the pumpkins.  Here are some highlights. 

Marlee is 2!!

Sunday we celebrated Marlee's birthday.  She is turning two on October 7th.  Crazy to see how time flies!!
She was such a happy child that day!!

I was chasing the kids around and caught this one of Marlee!!
This is my absolute favorite of the day!!


Friday night I chilled at home.  I cleaned, started laundary, shaved, and finished dishes.  At 10pm I was craving something sweet but didn't have anything.  I decided a quick trip for icecream.  All night I had been smelling burnt something.  So I leave and come back.  I turn into the park lot and saw my neighbors house was on fire!!  OMG!!  I ran and look thinking I could put out with a bucket of water but it had already burned through the siding so could be inside the walls.  For the first time in my life I actually caled 911 on purpose!!  It was a quick 60 second phone call.  Maybe 2 minutes later there was a police squad car and followed 30 seconds later 4 fire engines pulled into the complex.  Pretty exciting.  What really sucked is there were tons of hot fireman and I was stuck in my sky blue pjs' and hair pulled backed in a crappy ponny tail and looked like total shit.. GRRR!!! Oh well.  I guess I wasn't destined to met a fireman.  bummer..

TJ is weird...

Sunday we celebrated Marlee's 2nd birthday.  Lexy has a Lazy Boy that has a rip in the side.  For some reason TJ thought there was a treasure inside the lazy boy.  I saw this out of the corner of my eye and for a moment just freaked.  Than I saw were he was and knew I didn't have a headless dog.

Don't know what he was looking for but he thought there was treasure inside the lazy boy.  Silly boy!!

Random things...

Marlee playing hide and go seek in the jeans.

Marlee playing in Meggie's purse.

TJ and I it has been awhile since we have our pic together.

He reminded me of the Never Ending Dog/Dragon thing.

Sunday ride....

Dad and John were nice enough to invite to go riding with them on Sunday.  We headed up to Emmette direction so John can scope out his Elk hunting grounds.  It was REALLY warm and dry but tons of fun.  I was really rusty but made it up the mountian without any screw ups!!  I wish I could go riding me but don't know when it will happen. 

Sagebrush garveyard.
 A fire went through a couple years ago
 and this is what is currently there. 
View looking down on Ola Idaho
Monster unibrown!!  Scary I know!!

John and Dad checking the view.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Lovely & Horrible

Lovely - clean house and shaved legs
Horrible - being in my jammies and having hot fireman see me in them.

Lovely - BSU winning 59 to 0 versus NMSU
Horrible - Having to pay $3 to get into Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch. I will NEVER go there again. They are horrible!
Lovely - Going on a bike ride, organizing outside storage and taking a nap!!
Horrible - Getting a fat lip.


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