Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night, Caitlyn and I made a trip to Fred Meyer.  I had coupons to use and asked Caitlyn if she wanted to tag along. I picked her up around 9pm (had to wait until Emma in bed).  Whenver I run to Fred's with Caitlyn I always spend more than expected but that is ok because there were on great deals. 

Purchases included:
1 BSU Blue Baseball cap $14.97
1 pair Nike tennis shoes $49.97
2 32oz yogurt $3.78
4 15oz Sauve shampoo/conditioners $3.96
1 bad of wheat rolls $1.99
4 17oz bags of Kraft shredded cheese $15.16
2 lbs of sausage $6
1 gal 1% milk $1.99
3 frozen pizza $3
3 16oz peanut butters $4.00
3 20oz jams $8.27
6 large oranges $1.64
1bag frozen veggies $2.29

For all 31 items, total came to (before tax) $120.38-thank you tennis shoes.  BUT because of clearance, 50% off clearnace, coupons

1 BSU Blue Baseball cap $14.97 - 7.49 = $7.48

1 pair Nike tennis shoes $49.97 - 24.99 = $24.98
2 32oz yogurt $3.78 - 1.56 = $2.22
4 15oz Sauve shampoo/conditioners $3.96 - 44 = $3.52
1 bad of wheat rolls $1.99 - $1.00 = $0.99
4 17oz bags of Kraft shredded cheese $15.16 - 10.16 = $5.00
2 lbs of sausage $6 - 2 = $4.00
1 gal 1% milk $1.99
3 frozen pizza $3 - 36 = $2.64
3 16oz peanut butters $4.00 - 1 = $3.00
3 20oz jams $8.27 - 527 = $3.00
6 large oranges $1.64
1 bag frozen veggies $2.29 -.40 = $1.89

So now my total was $67.49 (before tax)!!  I saved $54.48!!  That is 56%!!  WOO HOO!!  Thank you Fred's and Caitlyn for spying the baseball cap.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Customer...

Dear Customer,

This is Megan who you called to track your freight, schedule your pick up, and to complain to.  I just wanted to tell you TO CLEAN OUT YOUR EARS and request you GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  Please listen to the questions I am asking.  I am not just radomly pulling a question out of nowhere.  I am asking for a specific purpose.  That purpose is to get you OFF THE PHONE as soon as possible with as much information as possible so you WILL NOT CALL BACK!!  When I ask "what address", I am not asking for the details on the freight.  I want the STREET address that we are picking up from.  When I ask for the destination zip code, it is not an inviation for the company name or street addres...just the ZIP CODE!!

You are calling to complain becasue we messed up your shipment.  If you would have actually READ the transit time, you would see that is marked 4 days...not 2.  Please see your optomistrist as soon as possible to prevent further damage...damage to your eyes and to my brian because I am pounding my head up against the wall because of your stupidity. 



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

funny feelings..

I know this will sound silly but.....i feel grown up.  I don't know what has changed with this new year but something is different.  Maybe it is the fact that 26 is only a little over 2 months away and this is not where I planned life to be.  Maybe it is the start of a new decade.  Maybe i have just grown up.  I used to doubt myself all the time.  Why?  Good question.  When you find the answer let me know.  I honestly have no idea.  I was/am a good person so why would I always walk with my head down?  Why do I stand on the wall too afraid to participate?  I DON'T WEAR PATTERNS BECAUSE I DON'T THINK I HAVE THE PERSONALITY FOR IT!! How crazy is that?  I used to think I have a blah personality.  I didn't have a great laugh.  I wasn't pretty.  I didn't have amazing fashion sense.  I wasn't very intelligent.  Did you read those last sentences?  All of them contained a negative--NOT!!  I used (notice past tense)...I used to say I was a external optimist and an internal pessimist. Great things would happen to others and I never expected them for myself.  I don't know why I had this mentality. (Again if you figure out the answer let me know PLEASE!)

But lately people (love you family) have been commenting on the change too. I guess it does help that good things are happening (even with recent setbacks) but I think it is more than just good things (and FYI when I say good things I mean I am losing weight but still too chicken to annouce it to everyone...which I kinda did..oh well).   I attribute the change to a few things

1.  Crappy friends.  Friends who dump you when you get a boyfriend.  Because of said recent friend dumping me, I have had to learn to enjoy my company and I like me.  I am just a plain jane (in a good way).  I am kind, considerate, oh so humble :), love, giving, funny, helpful, somewhat pretty, and kinda smart.  Who wouldn't want to hang out with me?  Someone stupid.  That is ok.  I forgive them.

2.  My beloved TJ.  The unconditional love he gives me is priceless. He is always there...well usually always there.  Sometimes he escapes and it take forever to track him down.  I think if I just let him go he would come back but I am too paranoid to try.  But I love how he cuddles in the crook of my arm so I can rub his belly.  He than looks up at me with his brown eyes and I just melt.  I maybe crazy but I swear I can see him saying thank you for the love and home and food and great friends like the giant boomer and gpa L and the big bed I get to sleep in.  Poor guy is passed out on the bed next to me after playing and running at the dog park this afternoon.  Plus it helps he had a feast for dinner, chicken scraps and tuna water.  Plus I had to bribe him with treats so I could put medicine in his eye.  Check up tomorrow at Vet. Will let you know how it turns out.

3. Teach Sunday School.  What a blessing and a curse. I have developed such a deeper understanding of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.v(hence known as HF & Jesus Christ is JC)  I admit to being a ........shallow Mormon.  I really didn't delve into the Scriptures or ask questions.  I just accepted whatever was given me.  And for some that is ok.  Not for me anymore. I question and reserve judgement til I get an answer.  I tell you know I don't agree with everything and I may end up in a lesser heaven but that is ok.  To be honest there are some people who I can't STAND on this earth who are going to the Celestial glory and I would rather go the hell then spend eternity with them (FYI if any non member has questions about any of this go here to and it will expalin everything better than I can).  I have a deeper apperciation for what JC suffered for me.  The pain is unimagianalbe and He did so willingly because He loved me.  He didn't just suffer for my sins.  He suffered my loneliness, my anger, my saddness, my physical afflictions, my pride. HE bore all for me.  Why would someone be willing to bear pain for a stranger?  I am known individually by my Heavenly Father and by Jesus Christ. 

4.  Speaking of loniless, I am changed because of it.  Do to recent developments, I thought I would go mad.  Said situation would just amplify and multiply my loneliness.  How wrong I was.  I am still lonely but nothing has really changed.  I am slowly....VERY SLOWLY realizing that I can't control when/where it happens.  It will happen when it does.  Do I still wish and pray that it happens soon?  Yes.  Do I expect it too?  No.  Am I ok with that?  Kinda.  I don't need to measure myself by my marital status. 

I don't know what it is but I am so grateful.  Tonight I made tons of food to freeze.  I had 4 pans of Robbs Enchilada's, 5 pans of Tuna Casserole, and 8 bowls of soup.  Saturday is grocery shopping day to stock the pantry with good fresh food and make more freezable.  Now I won't have to sponge of family for dinner because I hate cooking for one.  All frozen dinner are like 2 servings at most so I wont have to eat the leftover for a week!!  I am so proud of myself.  I will take a pictures of the bounty when I get my new camera tomorrow.

Speaking of camera I was so bummed I couldn't get my Sony Cyber Shot to work.  It feel on it's side and the lense is unbalanced.  It will cost $90 to replace it.  I will still keep it because great memories attached to the camera itself (like it was a Christmas gift and I took it to Seattle and the BSU games with my dad....a tear just formed thinking of the dead camera :( ).  Tomorrow it is to the store for a new one because I am going through picture taking withdrawls.  That is another reason!! 

This blog.  I have never been a journal writter but this has helped me sort out many issues that otherwise would have festered and never left.  Now they get wrote down and I forget them.  Being an adult is dealing with your issues.  I am learning.  How wonderful small changes cumulate into something so grand.

In the next couple of weeks I am sure something else will take away the freshness and giddiness over being an adult but right now I will just bask in the glow.  Silly I know but no one said feelings had to be serious.  :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New purchase

I finally caved and got the internet at my house.  Now I can post more often (work is getting too busy) and watch hulu!!

Today have I little planned.  I am going to clean my house, go to the dog park, quick trip to the super junk store, meet friends for a movie, and go to bed early!!

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

At first I was afraid...i was petrified!!

A little has happened since the last post.  Monday night when I got home, TJ was still closing his eye.  I call Vet and  get an appointment for Wednesday.  This is our first trip to the vet.  I was kinda nervous.  Tuesday was a repeat of Monday.  Eye in AM but closed in PM.

Wednesday finally rolls around.  I get to the vet early and finish paperwork by 525.  Five minutes before the appointment!!  While I was filling out paperwork, a couple walks in with their cat.  they said the yhad appointment at 5.  It was now 520!!  I knew when they walked in they were bad news.  Now my appointment will be late I just know it.  And guess what?  I was right.  I finally get to see the vet at 550!!

I was kinda perturbed at that but at least I was entertained in the waiting room.  While I ws waiting, the receptionist took a call about an emergency.  The Vet is not set up for emergency care and the receptionist recommend they go the hospital in Meridian.  I am not sure what the calelr said but the receptionist went and asked the Vet if he could make exepction.  He said ok. 

The caller arrives and it is a woman.  Let me tell you, this woman was a fruitcake.  She is carrying her dog and has a little boy with her.  She treated the boy ok but the dog was like gold.  We started a converstation (the boy wanted to pet TJ) and I found out he was a foster son to her.  Just watching the dynamics between the injured dog, boy, and woman was facinating.  The woman was explaining how the foster son would pick on the dog (pull eyes, tails). FYI boys was around 6-7.  The tone of voice when she was speaking to the boy compared to the dog were completly different.  To the dog, the tone was full of love and affection.  She worshipped this dog.  When speaking to the boy it was full of impatience and what I percieved as resentment.  At the end of the conversation, I found out the boy was her foster son.  I thought to myself: no wonder he picks on the dog.  He is probably trying to get your attention. 

I know that sounds a little judgemental but I wish you could have seen it.  My heart broke for that little boy.  He had a blash playing/petting TJ and it seems he really isn't allowed to touch the beloved dog.

So finally it is our turn with the vet.  He puts some drops in TJ's eyes and then pulls out the black light.  You could see a couple of scratches on TJ's eyes!!  It was kinda creepy looking because his eyes are now neon yellow.  The solutions is to put neosporin 3 times a day for week to heal the scratches and kill the mild infection he has.

It is a little struggle for TJ and I each time but it gets in there.  My heart broke for TJ when the vet was checking his eyes.  The vet put what looks like paper tabs to pull the eyelid away from the eye and even took a cotton swab and swipped it in the eye lid (and it was covered in dirt!).  Thankfully TJ seems to be on the mend  but it was scary seeing this happen to TJ.  Next appt on Wednesday and hopefully he will be all better!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Poor doggie..

It was a pretty relaxed weekend. Friday had fun with family playing at Pojos and then going shopping with sisters. Saturday I just vegged at my parents house. Sunday I taught Sunday School (I love and hate the Atonement. Love it for what it is/does/allows/gives but HATE teaching about it).

There was one issue. As I was getting ready for bed Saturday, I heard TJ whimper. Of course I pick him up to see what is wrong, and I see he is keeping his left eye closed. It looks a little swollen and I pull down the eye lid and it is SO RED on the inside. There is no puss and he is generating tears so I debate on wether or to take him to the emergency Vet. I think it could be a speck of dirt or something so maybe it will come out in the night.

Sunday morning, TJ is opening up his eye and seems to be ok. He is still playful and eating. I got to church and then pick up TJ and head to my parents house.

While at my paretns house, TJ is closing his eye again. In doing some research (calling Vet and Goggle), it is recommended to try a warm compress to reduce the swelling. I will try anything. I hold the compress to his eye a couple of times through out the evening. Not his favorite thing but he sits there. The vet said to try the compress and if it doesn't improve by Monday or Tuesday to bring him in.

This morning, I pull down TJ's eyelid and it is pinker than normal but not as red. He had his eye comletely open and less tears were flowing. I will check it when I get home but I think the compress and time worked!!

Was I scared? YES!! Did I want to stay home today? YES!! Do I love TJ like a he was my child? YES!! I am still waiting to hear back from the Vet to see if I can get TJ in on Wednesday just as a check up.

Plus sometime in February TJ will be two so figure time for a check up anyway. I decided that TJ's birthday will be on Valentine's day. It is in the middle of the month and already a holiday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Can't believe it has been over a week since I posted!! Let me update you a little,

I am working on my new years resolution very well. I followed suit of the majority of the country and set my sights on losing weight. I have survived a week and have been improving each day. A better Megan is emerging. I have been blogging about it on a different page and it helps me so much. No one reads it but it is still there for me. You should try it if you have a common goal.


I got the problem solved at work. I am no longer mad...annoyed=EXTREMELY!! Readers Digest version. I submitted to have July 6-9 off from work on the form we have to fill out at the end of the year. It was my first choice. There are only 5 people who have more senority than I. Last Monday, we get our forms back with the approved dates and I was not approved for my first choice. I assumed that it went to someone with more senority (understand but I have been asking off for a year).

I couldn't find out who received the days until the posted the calendar at boss' desk. I strees for a week. Finally on...I think it was Friday, the calendar is available. A coworker has it at her desk so it isn't posted yet so I can see it. Coworker advises me someone with LESS senority than I received the day off.

Think I was mad before? I was so mad I was ready to cry and storm my bosses office. All that morning I just have steam coming out of my ears. Finally bosses posts calendar and I walk by. The person with less doesn't have the day approved.....there name is on the day because it is their birthday!! My blood pressure drops a couple thousands points.

But now I am confused.....nobody has those days off. Now I am wondering why I wasn't approved in the first place?!?! They could have saved me so much angst if they just would have given me the days off to begin with!! GRRR!!!

Now I have to email my boss and see if she will approve me for that weekend. Thankfully she does but really people.

Saturday was a fun day. I started off making spaghetti sauce to freeze (plus it made a great brunch on Saturday too). Did a little cleaning. Then it was off to DD for my sister and her birthday party. What a great time. Sushi was amazing for dinner and then we went to dueling piano bar in Meridian. What great singers. I will have to go back because it was alwasy a....SING A LONG!!
I finally collapse into bed at 5am on Saturday. I wake up at 8am because TJ needed to go out. I couldn't fall back to sleep becasue at 930, friends were picking me up to go get my car (because I drove their van home). Sunday couldn't take a nap so I vegged at parents house.
Sunday night I didn't get any good sleep because I was have stomach issues. Come Monday morning, I said screw it. I am sleeping in and called in sick to work (which techinically I was).
Monday afternoon, my stomach was pretty ok. I went to play with neice and nephews and took them all gifts I have been holding onto for a while. They loved it. Emma loved her Ariel doll. Wyatt loved the spider man lunch tote. Marlee loved to rock out on the piano (4 keys).
Monday I made spaghetti for the family.
Tuesday I got myself out of bed and exercised before I went to work. It made my day. Now I am working on setting a playlist to rock out to while I am exercising. Bonus on today is Dad is upgrading my memory in my laptop. Thank heavens he works at Micron (and still has a job).

Monday, January 4, 2010

so so so mad...

I am SO MAD!! I cannot believe it!! I had requested July 7-14th off since JULY OF 2009!! However, my boss says we cant schedule vacation that far in advance. We have to fill out a stupid form in December to preplan the vacation. THE ONLY ONE I WANTED WAS THE WEEK IN JULY!! Did I get the week? NO!! It went to someone with higher senoirity than I. Even though I have been ASKING FOR IT FOR 6 MONTHS!! GRR!! Am I ready to go through HR and say look-I understand seniority however, I have been asking and it is the stupid policy that prevented me from getting it.

No matter what I will be going to Vegas. I will just be calling in sick!! GRR!!
My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. He has his food prepared for him. He can eat whenever he wants, 24/7/365. His meals are provided at no cost tohim. He visits the Dr. once a year for his checkup, and again during the year if any medical needs arise. For this he pays nothing, and nothing is required of him. He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is not required to do any up keep. If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up. He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep. He receives these accommodations absolutely free. He isliving like a king, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever. All of his costs are picked up by others who go out and earn a living every day.
I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick inthe head,
Holy Shit, my dog is a democrat!
Thank you Dad for sending me that pick me up!!


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