Friday, August 26, 2011


When I think 300 I think.....

 of Gerard Buttler
(another of my Misters)

but my second thought is this is my 300th post.  A milestone I would say.
How fitting that this milestone is about another milestone?
I have gone back to school.  It is official.

I am a freshman at the College of Western Idaho.
I am enrolled in just two courses: English 101 and Math 025/Algebra.
English I am not liking so much right now but math I actually love.
The math teacher is kinda stupid which means I get to learn at my own pace with the materials online.
English kinda sucks because it is an online course which is harder than I thought.  Because it takes forever to get clarification on a instructions (like word count) or a question.  But it is nice because I can do it quickly or slow.  It was really intimidating thinking,planning, applying, enrolling, PAYING, and actually going to class.  I feel like such an old fart.  I als think it is funny that 10 years ago at this time, I started my senior year of high school.  Kinda weird dontcha think?  I do.  But it is an adventure and I am not the oldest person in the class, thank heavens!  But that is my news.  Think it was worth of the 300 post?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


So there has been things that have happened since the last time I posted.  In the interested of time and your attention span, I will just provide snippets of what is happening:

-Idaho Sen McGee got drunk and stole a car.  Mom created controversy.  There is another meeting on Tuesday and I am sure more controversy will happen.  Can't wait.  I don't like McGee.

-MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT ON THURSDAY!!  FLOOR SEATS!!  SUPER-DE-DUPER EXCITED!!  I will be there a couple hours early even though it is assigned seat.  I am so so so excited so might as well be in my seat then trying to kill time getting there.

-I am still in love with the farmers market.  I have been trying new recipes and have been suprised at how successful I have been.

-Saw Joe Nichols in concert and feel in love.

-Going to see Eric Church in concert in a couple of weeks.

-School starts on Tuesday Aug 23rd.  Same day as Eric Church. Nothing important happens the first day right?

-There are days I wish I had my open place.  Especially at night when my room on the 3rd floor is still 85 degrees at 10pm.


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