Saturday, January 7, 2012


Lately there has been some amazing beautiful nights full of moonlight.  The top photo doesn't show how brightly the "ring" was shining around the moon.  It was a cloudless night and super cold. I did some research and found out it is called a moon dog or winter halo.  Read more here.  The bottom left was just super pretty coming up over the mountains.  The bottom right is from the lunar eclipse.

Monday, January 2, 2012

So far...

it hasn't been a good 2012 and we are only on day 2.  Saturday night was so-so.  I went to a small gathering and had an ok time.  What made Saturday suck was being pulled over by State trooper for running a red light.  Yep. I have avoided being pulled over for nearly 10 years and here it is.  I have been telling others that 2012 will be better than 2011.  But the stop did happen in 2011 so it is just my own attitude that sucked.  Looking on the positive side, at least I can say that the stop happened last year! 

Sunday wasn't as nice as I would like because my Seahawks lost.  Yes we ended the season 7-9...a losing season. There was a chance we could have pulled out a win but we fizzled.  The positive to Sunday as a great meal topped with a cookie dough blizzard.  yummy!!

But with the New Year, attention shifts to resolutions.  UGH!! Instead of setting a resolution I will ultimately break (like losing weight) I have decided that I am I just going to focus on ideas.  There will be no goal line...or no real accomplishment to be made.  My ideas are just things I need to think on and will put some effort into making the ideas happen.

Idea 1:  blog more. 
Yep.  That is right.  Spend more time on the internet and hope I do not get distracted by Facebook.  While Facebook is fun and sometimes helpful, it distracts me from my real purpose.  To learn more and blog more.  Even thought my following is few, I would still like everyone to know what I am up to.  Plus when I blog, I vent all the emotions I keep bottled inside and then I feel better.  For my overall health, I need to vent emotions more and bottle them less. 

Idea 2: be selfish.
I have decided to be more selfish.  I am always doing stuff for others and take care of myself as an after thought.  I rarely say no and then bottle my annoyance because I am doing something I don't want too. 

UGH!! The worst of them all but probably the most necessary.  The up coming year will be busy.  Work, school, politics (tis an elecation year) and possibly a business.  I need to stay on top of everything so the major things don't fall through the cracks.  I need to get a desk in order so bills and important docs are just strung helter skelter over my room.  I need to get an planner to keep test/due dates highlighted and on my radar.

Idea 4: limit shopping
This is for a couple of purposes.  By limiting my shopping, I will save for my house faster.  I will have more room in my cloest. I will have more time for school/work/politics because I will be home more. I also need to purge my current wardrobe.  I have a full closet, and 2 dressers that are unable to contain all I have.  To be fair, I wear two seats of clothes a day.  My work clothes and the jeans and tshirt I change into for home.  That doesn't include the gym clothes I use a couple of days a week or my PJs.


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