Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I gotta feeling..

of self pity, lonesome, tired, anxious, and a little derpressed.. 

but tis the season so hopefully I snap out of it, right?

I am hoping so..

Since the 15th..

-YEAH!!  WE HAVE SNOW THAT HAS STAYED!! (and guess what...it is snowing today!!)

-Thanksgiving has come and gone.

-I had a pulled muscle and found out that muscle relaxers make me loopey.

-BSU LOST!!  Hell has frozen over!!  Stupid Kyle Brotzman missed 2...yes 2!!..field goals that cost us the game.
Yes I shed a tear.  It is so sad!!

-Seattle Seahawks lost (considering our trend that isn't surprising).

-Didn't go Black Friday shopping for the 1st time in years (thanks pulled/torn muscle)

-Saw Harry Potter and it was good (cant wait til next one!!)

-Boise Holiday Parade was a disappointment.

-Made Christmas candy with Lexy and Caitlyn

-Currently working from 830-700 and REALLY miss my old shift of 730-400.  Just 2 more week til I get to switch back.

-Training again at work after a year hiatus  (Training reason for switching schedules)

Monday, November 15, 2010

To my Mother..

This is my mother.  Today is her birthday.  I won't reveal how young she is because she will kill me.  But I love my mom.  There is no one like her and there never will be.  She is a woman of steadfast conviction, faith, humility, pride, charity, integrity, compassion, fortitude, and the most loving woman.
She loves God, family, and her country.

She has done so much in this world that will never be reconginzed.
But I reconginze her as the best mother and a best friend. 

Because these words are inadequete to describe my feelings and I can't express them any other way, I will just say 



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a few random things..

Last weekend I was driving to my parents house when I saw the power lines doubled in size. I wondered what it was and discovered they were BIRDS! (Insert collage of scenes of the movie here) Kinda scary huh?

On another random note, my car passed 90,000 miles!! Last car that had that many miles was when I was 18 (about 6 years ago) and it was a Mitsubishi Galant that I bought!! At 19 I bought the Sonata and then the Saturn 3 years ago. WOW!! I feel conflicted. Sad that they car has that many miles but happy becuase it is still running great (said with fingers crossed). Of course being the random me, I just had to document it!!

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TV Pachys

So Mom belongs to a club called Treasure Valley Pachyderms. It is a conservative Republican group. They had their final meeting on Friday October 29th. Mom was supposed to decorate a table. She initially dropped the assignment because she was so busy with Jana's recption. However this put the club in a bind so I told them I would help. Mom helped and we came up with the theme of It's a Grand Old Flag. Our colors were pretty obvious of red white and blue. We only purchased the ballons holding up our sign and everything was what we had. Oh correction, we rented the red table cloth. Mom's dishes were the blue. My dishes are white. I thought the combo of the two was really great!! The center piece was an a collection of the flag the nation as used. It was really interesting. We had little old perfuse bottles of Betty Ross posed sewing the flag. Plus the elephants of course. We even had a hidden speaker playing "It's a Grand Old Flag". How awesome was that!! We had 43 votes. I think we should've been the winner but the program was a disaster so they never announced. We will see if they actually give it to us. There were only 120-150 people there and only 12 tables decorated. I doubt any other table campaigned as hard as we didn't so I doubt anyone else would have beaten us if they actually counted. Oh well. I know we had the best table.
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Boo at the Zoo

The trick or treaters...
Lily as Little Red Riding Hood
Marlee as a bumble bee
Emma as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Wyatt as a dragon

The parents:
Jana and Wyatt
Lily and Ashley
Marlee and Lexy
Caitlyn and Emma
Chris and Marlee

Just some random fun pics:

Me trying to give Emma piggy back ride, a monkey, and funny line of goats.
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The Office

Here is our office Halloween. The costume in the first pictures was the bearded guy in the 2nd picture. In the 2nd pictures we have me the hobo, feathered wtich Cheryl, Harley Davidson Karrie, gothie witch Julie, biker couple Penny (redhead) and Tim, devil Heather (with glasses in back) and our two clowns Darlene (big glasses) and Amanda (my supervisor in pig tails) and then Judie the french fries It was a fun time! Wish I had a pic of my entire outfite because it was pretty cool... oh well. maybe next year.
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