Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I was at my parents house last night.  All day it was overcast and in the afternoon there were crazy thunderstorms.  My dad saw this awesome rainbow after the storms and I tried to get into 1 shot but it just wasn't working.  So I took mulitple shots and will add them together to make one.  Below is my progress.  This is just using MS Paint.  nothing else.  It is a alot of copy/paste but I think it doesn't look half bad. I am just so proud of what I have done!!

Below are the three individual pictures I use.

Below is the placement of the three pictures.

Starting filling in the white spaces

and this is the finished project so far. 
I cant wait to actually use an editing program to hopefully even out the colors and remove the lines. 


  1. You're right; that's good for such a basic program! You know, though, some cameras, even point and shoots, have a telephoto lense option in the shooting settings. Mine does, anyway. That might have helped this night. So check out your camera and find out!

  2. I was using my dad Nikon and we need to get another lense for it. I am sure of it now.



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