Thursday, February 23, 2012

My oh My...

how times flies!!!  I cannot even remember last time I posted and I know a million things have happened.  Things like a new baby niece!!  Madison Marie was born on October 1th 2011!!

Here are a few interesting facts:
-middle name Marie is named after me.  Yes I am that special. :)
-I am 26 1/2 years older than this child.
-she hates me. I babysat for a few hours when Lexy & Chris' work scheduled over lapped.  She was bawling the entire time.  Come to find out she had an ear infection but ever since that day, I cannot look and hold her at the same time.  She will start to bawl!!
-I am the only one who really calls her Maddie.
-Her initials are mmm.  Yes MMM! 

What else has happened?  I have failed my ideas already.  They were good while they lasted but I have thrown them out the window. 

School is gonig along.  I really enjoy my English class because the professor is REALLY liberal but it is fun.

Caitlyn and Jana are pregant.  Caitlyn is due in the summer and I think she is going ot have a girl.  Jana is due in November(?) and I think she will have a boy.

I am planning my company's non-company sponsored summer employee picnic.  It is still 6 months away but I feel the time just ticking away!!  There is SO much to do and so little time!!

When I logged in to blog, I had a million things to say and now I don't.

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