Thursday, December 31, 2009

highlights of the last decades:-

Just a few highlightes from the last decade:
-survived & graduated high school
-went to Germany, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City
-worked at DTV, Poster Compliance Ceneter, Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse, ATV Tires & Accessories, Saia Inc, Kuna High School assistant debate coach
-lived with 3 roommates (Sara, Heather, Libby)
-lived in 4 different apt (Kootenai, Juanita, Harrison, and now Nampa)
-survived being in 3 weddings & helped plan 4
-had 3 cars (Galant, Sonata, and Saturn)
-been in 6 accidents (hit lamp post, skid off rd on snowy road, hit a dog, drunk driver in Benz totalled my parked Sonata, dealer in a BMW pulled out and side swipped me, and fender bender in parking lot at work)
-gone to TOO many concerts (in no particular order and off the top of my head: Lifehouse, Lonestar, Blue County (3x & autograph 2x), GARY ALLAN (3x), Billy Currington, Josh Turner, Little Big Town, JOSH GROBAN, Breaking Benjamin, Dierks Bentley, Phil Vasar(autograph), Lilith Fair (Lisa Loeb autograph), NSync (2x), Eric Church, Clay Walker, The Standards (2x & autograph), Our Lady Peace, Chad Brock, Aaron Tippen)
-got a dog, TJ
-survived being Relief Society President of a singles ward
-fell in love with farmers markets
-introduced to digital photography
-currently teaching Gospel Principals in Sunday School
-got more nieces/nephews
-lost Grandparents/Uncle Weston

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