Sunday, July 10, 2011

loverly weekend!!

What made this weekend loverly:

-Saturday morning Farmers Market with TJ and I.  I took my picnic basket along to carry all my goodies and I got so many compliments!!  (Who doesn't like to start off the day with someone telling you, you look cute?)  Great scores at the market: raspberries, cherries, and YUMMY lemonaide (or as Emma likes to call it Lemonlade).

-Saturday lunch was picnic in the park with family to celebrate Wyatt's 5th birthday!  The weather was perfect. Children behaved.  I had a yummy PB & P (peanut butter and preserve) samich. It was made better because I used my homemade raspberries preserves.

-Saturday evening was taking myself to a movie.  I thought I was going to see Thor but the time changed and I ended up seeing Priest.  Not that bad.  What made it really amazing was the backwoods drive to get to the theater.  The sun was setting and I was driving through farmland.  B-E-A-UTIFUL!  I didn't have a camera or I would have tried to capture some of it and skipped the movie.

-Sunday sleeping in!!  OH HOW LOVELY!! 

-Sunday had for lunch had ribs (ich!) but DELICIOUS corn on cob and baked beans.  Plus it made me feel loved that Dad would give the big chunks of meat off his rib to me.  He would eat the meat of the bone from my rib.  I don't like ribs because of the bone.  Weird I know.

-Went to grocery store for ingredient for dinner.  They had flowers on sale for $3.  Because I am a sucker I got a couple.  Fresh flowers just make you happier.  So they are sitting on the kitchen table for all to enjoy even though I wanted to be greedy and keep them in my room. 

-Dinner turned out great.  It was supposed to be Philly Cheese steak sandwhiches but I didn't have a gridle so they were grilled steak, pepper, onion and cheese samiches.  Still yummy though. 

-Dessert was Raspberry Crumble Bars.  I added the raspberries from the market and they turned out so much better than I expected.  I really need to learn patience.  I cut the bars before it was completely cool and because the preserve was still runny/warm, it was kinda soupy but that is ok.  it was still great even though it wasn't pretty on the plate.

I love weekend like these.  I feel rested but I was still productive (I even did dishes, laundary). I also learned my bank account is bigger than I expected.  I love that.  It isn't that I got extra money or anything but just keeping my spending low, and rounding everything up in the check register has REALLY helped!  Maybe I can swing for the new tent I want after all.

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